TOP prognosis 30.03.2021, FIFA 2022 qualification

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Azerbaijan – Serbia with FORECAST over 1.5 goals @ 1.35, 1:2

Azerbaijan has played only a match so far, losing 1-0 to Portugal. It was a strong clash when it came to defensive play. The goal weakness of the same team continues, which only a few days later lost to Qatar in a friendly match with 2: 1. However, he finally signed and ended his land from consecutive games without a goal. Serbs score for fun and it will be very easy for them to do it again. As many as 9 goals were scored in the last two matches with their participation. They will be at the level in the final phase again and will sign.


Cyprus – Slovenia with FORECAST under 3.5 goals @ 1.25, 1:0

It is very rare to get to football spectacles when these teams play. Cyprus continues with more of the same, losing to Croatia by only 1: 0. The performance of the islanders was not weak at all, who did not leave many breakthroughs in their own half. Slovenia is a much easier opponent to overcome. The game in defense will take the lead in this clash and none of the participants in it will have a clear advantage.


Luxembourg – Portugal with FORECAST 1 (+ 3.5AH) @ 1.30, 1:3

The strong football of the Luxembourg team brought him a spectacular success such as scoring three points in the visit of Ireland. This turned out to be the greatest achievement for this team, which is certainly enjoying a very good period. Portugal missed the victory in the match with Serbia and was still very close to it. The third goal was scored in overtime, but was not taken into account by the referee. Luxembourg will be close to a new sensation.


Gibraltar – Netherlands with FORECAST over 3.5 @ 1.31, 0:7

Gibraltar is one of the weakest national teams on the continent and it is surprising that the Bukits predict that his defeat in this match will not be a spectacular difference. The Netherlands played very spectacularly and in their last match won 2-0 over Latvia. It was a clash in which the Dutch created an awful lot of situations and had to win by a much larger margin. This will happen against Gibraltar for a landslide victory.

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