TOP prognosis 27.03.2021, FIFA 2022 qualification

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Netherlands – Latvia with FORECAST 1 (-2.5AH) @ 1.41, 2:0

The Dutch totally failed in their opening clash, giving way to Turkey. The collected four goals dealt a huge blow to the team. Only a few days later he will be transformed and will develop his best football. The Netherlands have many classes in their attack, and the Latvian national team is among the weakest on the continent. There is no room for surprise in this match, so the defeat will be there.


Croatia – Cyprus with FORECAST 2 (+ 3AH) @ 1.41, 1:0

The Croats are in a serious setback as they have difficulty playing good football in their match against Slovenia in the first round, which was lost 1-0. This team has little in common with the one that created a real sensation a few years ago. The Cypriots will be completely on the defensive and will occupy themselves around their own penalty area, which will not allow their opponents to enter long rallies near the door and enjoy the defeat.


Serbia – Portugal with FORECAST over 1.5 goals @ 1.35, 2:2

Another match with the participation of the hosts, in which they were not on the losing side. The improvement in their football is very sensitive and covers several important things. They still have an awful lot of representatives in the top championships of the continent and this is certainly not to be underestimated. Portugal has resorted to rejuvenating its ranks, and to some extent this has provoked serious discussions. However, the team kept its attacking football and will serve a new portion of the same against Serbia.

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