TOP prognosis 09.12.2020, Champions league

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Ajax – Atalanta with FORECAST 2 (+ 0.5AH) @ 1.62, 0:1

This is the clash that will determine who will be the second team to overcome group D. Klopp and company are already looking at the eliminations after dealing with Ajax 1-0 and building a lead of 4 points over the second and 5 over the third in the table. The difference between occupying exactly these positions – Ajax and Atalanta is only a point in favor of the Italians, so they will simply be forced to reach a minimum of hicks in this match to look at the next phase. Atalanta fell into an unprecedented crisis, and finally began to face difficulties with scoring goals. This will not last long, as Gasperini’s boys will play their best football against the Dutch and will take theirs from this visit.


Inter – Shakhtar with FORECAST 1 (-1.5AH) @ 1.80, 0:0

The Italian grand Inter, who was ugly in the first matches of the group stage, but somehow stayed in the game until the end, looks at such an important decisive clash with Shakhtar. Inter deal with Borussia M’Gladbach on their last visit to the game and are no longer far from overcoming the group. Victory in this match with the Ukrainians is simply mandatory. If they win their rivalry with them, Conte’s team will be terribly close to second place in the group, but at the same time there will be a need for someone from Real Madrid and Borussia M’Gladbach to win the direct rivalry. A hiccup will send the two teams forward together, so Inter will just do their part and look at the other match.


Man City – Marseille with FORECAST 1 @ 1.40, 3:0

A forecast that is very similar to the previous one, but not really accurate. Man City is flawless in this year’s edition of the race, except for its last clash with Porto, which somehow failed to win. However, the English are firmly in first place, having a lead of 3 points over the Portuguese, and at the same time very early sealed their ranking. Their football is flawless and it is simply absurd that the bouquets give them such high odds of success over Marseille. All this is largely due to the fact that Marseille still have a place to reach third place in the group, for which in the best case they need only a point in their visit to City and a loss to Porto against Olympiacos. Such a thing will not happen at all, as the English will simply outplay and defeat them.


Midtjylland – Liverpool with FORECAST under 3.5 goals @ 1.60, 1:1

Denmark’s Midtjylland, who are certainly last in this group, will simply have the chance to compete with the trophy winner two seasons ago and enjoy their rivalry with him. The English have already secured the ranking as their victory over Ajax brought them only positives. Whatever happens in the last round, with the 12 points won, they have 4 more than the second in the table – Atalanta, so under any circumstances, they simply can not be moved. All these injuries that befell them will simply make Klopp come out with a reserve team, which caused Midtjylland to have some chance to surprise. And this will not lead to any serious superiority for the Danes as the goals in the clash will remain few.


Bayern Munich – Loko Moscow with FORECAST 1 @ 1.30, 2:0

The same thing that was said about the above prediction for the match between City and Marseille, is in full force here. The Bavarians are making a real show in this group, not winning just one game, ending in a hiccup in their second clash with Atletico. Thus, they continued their series of consecutive matches in the race without defeat, while at the same time consolidating their first place. Scoring goal after goal, they allowed themselves to come out with a half-team against Atletico in the middle of Madrid and still did not lose, reaching 1: 1 after a late goal by Mueller from a penalty. Bayern are having fun on European football fields, and against Loko Moscow, they will continue to do so.

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