TOP prognosis 03.03.2021

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AC Milan – Udinese with FORECAST 1 (DNB) @ 1.35

The Milan players are looking for the title, although their big opponent Inter has many more points, and they are doing great this year. For an awful long time this team did not even have such an opportunity to look at the title, and even more than once remained in the second half of the table. Suddenly, the team had cracked enough to become one of those finishing around 10th in the table. This Milan is much better than the one from the previous few years, and against the opponent from Udine he will develop his game and take the triumph.


Atalanta – Crotone with FORECAST 1 (-1.5AH) @ 1.51

This team of Atalanta, which several times a year had serious difficulties in dealing with weaker opponents and winning just such clashes, is getting closer to the desired. Once again, Atalanta is developing its best football, although last week it lost to Real with 1: 0 after being left with a player less on the field at the very beginning. The Italian team found itself in a position where it had to defend itself, and this is not its strongest part of the game. Against Crotone, the team will develop its leading football in front positions and will score a few goals to win by a big margin and find itself closer to the desired ranking.


Barcelona – Sevilla with FORECAST 1 @ 1.51

Barcelona has more and more consecutive matches that are not of the same level. On several occasions in the last year alone, the team has developed both the best and the weakest. Against Sevilla, specifically in this match, he goes out for his survival in the Copa del Rey this season. The 2-0 failure in the first match greatly tilted the possibility of qualifying for the final in the direction of the Andalusians. However, a team like Barça, which only a few days ago dealt with the same opponent, will be close to a spectacular turnaround. Barça with Messi, Griezmann and Dembele in their ranks, will be the leading team in the rematch, and from the very beginning will expand its advantage and win.


Burnley – Leicester with FORECAST under 2.5 goals @ 1.75, 1:1

Burnley is in the bottom half of the table, but still has some advantage over opponents in the twilight zone. Only a spectacular move of successive failures can involve Daish’s team in the survival dispute, as he has a 5-point advantage over the twilight zone. The failures for him in the last month have become more frequent, so this match against the third in the standings will be very serious. Leicester have an awful lot of injuries in their ranks and they will equalize the match with Burnley. This clash will be shocking and the football in it will not be on the level.


Sheffield U – Aston Villa with FORECAST over 1.5 goals @ 1.35, 1:0

A clash that will unfold much of the game in attack. Sheffield U has become much more liberating in recent weeks, although it has not shown much effectiveness. On several occasions, they looked at scoring differently. More recently, they have returned to using a typical center forward in positions such as McBurney. He did not score a goal, although in many other respects he was on a good level. Aston Villa is among the most offensive teams in the league and in this case will not change that, as again there will be a desire to totally outplay and score many goals.

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