Spain Cup 1/8 finals, 3-5 yanuari.2017

Osasuna – with Eibar FORECAST under 2.5 goals

Weaklings from Osasuna remain firmly at the bottom in the Primera and still ranked as first in the Cup. Against Eibar However, several factors suggest that they will not perform at the level of making it to this moment and will finally be kicked out of the race. Eibar is one of the best surprises in football Spain over the past two years. The team revealed a combination of qualities that allow him in certain sections is equivalent even the strongest in the country. Eibar no hurry and will be pleased to finish with small goals in Pamplona.


Valencia – Celta with FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

Endlessly controversial team of Valencia send the old year and welcome the new with a single hope – come something different, something better, because the previous was a total nightmare. A number of things about the team of “bats” confused and literally went out of control and the results were under crushing criticism. Celta continued to profess his liberal way of playing as often engaging in endless round of attacks, leading to a real spectacle. Once again, the islanders will not betray yourself and Valencia will cause to enter into serious dancing in which goals and will be absent.


Deportivo – with Alaves FORECAST under 2.5 goals

Deportivo sent last year properly – with three consecutive home victories. Local supporters were extremely pleased with these results, it is no secret that they have hopes to be moved in 2017-a. Alaves gained many positive posts account for shown in the first part of the campaign. That was probably the most pleasant surprise poslednat in the Spanish elite. Nobody fit this team in the accounts for the mid-table, but he was right there after the elapse of half of the campaign. Alaves boasts endless defensive organization and because it achieves the desired results, which are often accompanied by small goals. The looming dispute will is a characteristic example of this.


Las Palmas – Atletico Madrid FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

The team of Las Palmas was not afraid of such big names as no doubt that Atletico Madrid. During the break around Christmas and New Year team Atletico had a trip to Saudi Arabia where control played local Al-Itihad, which ended with a victory. This trip certainly has filed additional dose of fatigue in the ranks of Madrid’s team and it is this factor may stumble team on the way to making a good result from the visit of Las Palmas. This visit generally will not be easy for defined quality team – that Atletico as the difficulties will be visible to the naked eye.


Alkoron – Cordoba with FORECAST under 2.5 goals

This is the only dispute at this stage of the race, which pits against each other two second division teams. This fact can undoubtedly enjoys representatives of the division, because surely there will be at least one representative in their quarter finals. Some time ago Alkoron fame with several notable results in this same tournament, which definitely has a larger accomplishments of his next opponent. That does not mean anything given that Cordoba is one of two teams who enjoys brilliant series of victories – 4 goals in the last 5 clash. After 4 consecutive highly effective dispute finally guests will move to the other extreme.


Real Sociedad – Villarreal with FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

One offing for the most spectacular battles in the 1/8 finals of the competition. Real Sociedad is one step forward in terms of victory in the first encounter, but in general the chances of continuing ahead of any of these two teams are fully aligned. Sociedad is extremely strong at home as a way of only one of the last 10 teams who came to his home, and it took the scalp of Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. Villarreal long time knows what a waste and will go for this visit in order to simply not lose. However, the spectacle will be received and goals will be his main companion.


Real Madrid – Seville with an estimated over 2.5 goals

Known break Real Madrid will undoubtedly reflect very, very good team. He had a busy schedule of meetings, linked mainly with the commitment to the Club World Cup, which led to the addition of another bowl in the window. Meanwhile Sevilla have fun in several previous clash ended as 2016 but with 3 consecutive triumphs and 16 goals realized. Real Madrid continues to break records there is not yet cashed defeat of HomeAbout Ona campaign and enjoys football. Both teams will not lose time and will make us witness the spectacular show at the first dispute.


Athletic Bilbao – Barcelona FORECAST 1X

These noisy Basque continue to create obstacles for the great Barcelona for a long time. Boys Luis Enrique had difficulties not once or twice in his visits to this opponent as recently were smeared on the same stadium in one of the most infamous battles in years with 4: 0 Super Cup. Barcelona still find the right rhythm and smashed Basques in 4 of the last 5 clash and as at this moment enjoys a series of 4 triumph against them. However, for the start of the new year will see a new look of hosts who will skid top sensation in the first leg with Barcelona.

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