Match of the Day – 03.September.2014

Start: 21:15 h, FORECAST – 2X

Coeff. 1.85

Czech Republic – USA result:  0:1.

Friendly, which is part of the preparation of the Czechs for the upcoming European qualifications and match in order for Americans to sharpening the long run. The hosts missed largest forum in the summer – the World Cup in Brazil, and we believe will focus serious attention to the meeting with the Netherlands, which will debut in these qualifications for them in next Tuesday.

Czech Republic – there is currently no sign of the magnificent Czech team led Pavel Nedved, who was one of the strongest in Europe, only a decade ago. The hosts are in the process of generational change and sharpening the team. At the start of the qualifications will face the bronze medalist at the World Cup – the Netherlands, and will certainly try to get out at least a point. Otherwise, the campaign can become very unpleasant for them after the first meeting. Czech Republic as a whole is presented tentatively, beating at times very classy teams, but allows damage from mediocre ones. In their last 4 controls the hosts reached 1 win (over Canada), two draws (with Finland and Norway) and one loss (Austria), which shows us that it would be difficult gotten the three points against the rival Americans.

USA – this is one of the most progressive composition of the planet in recent years, which complies with tactical discipline and have press all over the field. World Cup in Brazil with a proven team game our words. In this 2014 USA team played six friendlies, which performed very well. Results are – 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss goal difference 10: 6 positive. Surely visitors are doomed at this visit and have a good chance of success.

Forecast – 2X (odds. 1.85) – Czech bookmakers favor, but we believe it is unfounded, based on momentary opportunities and quality of opponents. The two teams have faced each other two times in the last 10 years, the final winners were leaving the Czechs, but then the status quo was completely different. Our team is of the opinion that the United States has the potential to at least point out of this visit, given the best games and the results of their friendlies this year. Forecast – 2X.

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