Lokomotiv Sofia sends futbolistie in schools, so ..

FC Lokomotiv Sofia 1929 together with Sofia Municipality area “Hope” organized a new initiative titled “Love sport. Play football! “Aimed at students. By the end of the school year the capital club will visit all schools in the region “Hope” and make a physical education classes and sports a real feast for children.

The idea of ​​management and coaching staff of the club representatives from Lokomotiv, including the director of the children’s school Ivaylo Pargov coach of the youth academy and captain Daniel Peev will hold one class of students from first to fourth grade in each of the schools. The special team will introduce children to alphabet football and basic techniques and rules of the game and will tell them more about the glorious history of Lokomotiv Sofia.

The aim of the ambitious project of railway workers is to “ignite” their children in sports, to introduce them to the benefits and advantages of this move and actively train and encourage a love of football with the kids.

The ‘Love sport. Play football! “Will launch on February 14, when Lokomotiv Sofia will visit 16 primary school” Rajko Jinzifov. “

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