Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund were punished by UEFA

The goal of Divock Origi, which beat Liverpool to lose some of its importance after Mats Hummels also noted and so the result was equalized. In the end, both teams will be punished.

previewLiverpool and Borussia were punished after their meeting Europa League which ended with 1-1. The reason UEFA to punish both clubs is the audience. During the game, the supporters of both teams creating unrest and thereby inflicted as the wrath of UEFA on clubs that support.

The match remained in the sides of the media focus, which focused on the return of Klopp in Germany. However, members of the supporters started singing anthems of clubs before the start of the match.

Besides the penalties for riots during the match Dortmund are threatened by further sanctions. The reason is that there is information, that blocked the stairs during the match. However, this information still being checked by the authorities. Liverpool have also been investigated for other infractions of their supporters.

Divock Origi opened the score in the first half, but his next attempt was stopped by door RN team Bundesliga. In the second half the lead for Liverpool faded after goal of Mats Hummels. This gave hope for victory in Dortmund. However disciplined game Reds did not allow this to happen and so in the next game between the two teams will be determined the winner of the clash them.

For the final evening of Liverpool received very bad news. The captain of the team from the Premier League will not be able to play more this season. Jordan Henderson got extremely severe trauma that will take a long time to recover.

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