Friendly matches, national teams, 01.june.2016

Spain – South Korea FORECAST UNDER 3.5 goals

Just a little before the start of European Spaniards will compete with interesting opponent from another continent. South Korea was able to play a very strong final qualifications and ensure their quota for the next World Cup. The series of nine consecutive wins inspires even greater hopes of the team. Also 16 consecutive clash without loss recorded for the South Koreans, so they have hopes for something stellar against Spain. La Fourier impaired and this will come out in this clash. There will be no typical Spanish goleada.

Russia – Czech Republic with FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

Russia took a major step toward short-term development after having ensured the participation of the EU. Such a thing was put under a great question, but after a flawless performance in the final phase Russians defeated all competition. France will be the Czech team that was one of the most impressive in recent qualifications. Completion to Iceland, Turkey and the Netherlands that has encouraged more Czechs to be able finally to complete failures. Their offensive style is a prerequisite for obtaining a great battle with the quality rival that will have in this case.

Norway – Iceland FORECAST under 2.5 goals

Neighborly battle between Norway and Iceland was revived after a few years on hiatus. The last time these nations debated the green carpet just 3 years ago when they were part of a qualifying group for a place in the World Cup. Iceland then beat his opponent and showed that now is not at all harmless team that was several years ago. Classification of Icelanders European undoubtedly talk about their progress, while neighboring Norway again missed part of such a big tournament. These two nations will not have any intentions to suffer loss in this eternal dispute, so you will not have minded taking risks.

Belgium – Finland FORECAST over 2.5 goals

Belgian selection grabs interest mostly about a year ago. Crowding of so many individual brilliance it gives great hopes of local fans that soon their pets will fascinate and will finally put an end to the hegemony of the major football powers. For some time now we are not in the national team, able to sneak alongside traditional giants nationally. The title of Greece is the last one sensation at the national level, and surely Belgium will seek to enter into the shoes of the Greeks and to the surprise of this European. Finland presents no threat and will be leveraged with a slight swing.

Poland – Netherlands FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

Lewandowski and his teammates were impressive in qualifying and fully deserved their place in the finals of Europe. They created quite topics for discussion before the start of this major tournament as most of them are linked to the performance of major football powers. Poland is not among them and remained in the background, but anything can become a hard nut to crack for quite some opponents. Holland is the great absentee of Europe and can now introducing the next generation. They have a young team that will certainly have a great future. Tulips are obliged to seek a return to his best condition and impose again its typical offensive style of play.

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