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Andorra – Moldova under 2.5 goals (odds. 1.67), result:  0:1

Football dwarf Andorra will try to make a miracle and record anything other than loss in the dispute with Moldova. Incidentally one of the few successful matches of the home in recent years turned out to be precisely against this opponent again in control, graduated at 1: 1. This happened three years ago purposes and in fact the dispute in question is the last in which Andorra losing. Moldovans mark hard and had a meeting with such a rival in order to reach victory and gain confidence. Perhaps they will win, but hardly with expressive difference.

Liechtenstein – Faroe Islands UNDER 2.5 goals (odds. 1.53), result:  2:3

Until recently, boxing pear Liechtenstein seemed slightly light began to forget about this situation. Just a year ago this team even made it to the victory, which was a real event. At the end of 2014 even triumphed again – then against Moldova. The Faroe Islands are a bit stronger than his upcoming opponent, but the chances of victory here look about the same. The islanders greeted with two sensational victories over the Greeks in the last qualifications them detached from the last position. Problems with the celebration of hits on both teams will continue.

Ukraine – Wales UNDER 2.5 goals (odds. 1.53), result:  1:0

Ukrainians are very serious favored in terms of the confrontation and will surprise if they fail to win it. They come with all the best and therefore will seek binding success. Shown against Cyprus was pretty high quality and minimum victory 1: 0 does not reflect reality. In the meeting in question took three players from the next generation of national team – Kovalenko, Malyshev and Petryak. Very likely they are to get a chance in the upcoming clash. Wales managed to stabilize his defense mostly because of Wes Morgan in the center. As in their last inspection and now, guests will be able to rely on the services of Gareth Bale. In their absence chances of scoring are far smaller, and it will seriously affect the overall performance.

Northern Ireland – Slovenia UNDER 2.5 goals (odds. 1.44), result:  1:0

Northern Irish discovered new lands, unstuffy far. They enjoy the phenomenal capabilities of a series of meetings recently reached 9 consecutive admitted without defeat. Martin O’Neill stabilize the team and now Northern Ireland is on track to become the team with which each competitor must comply. Slovenians are out of Euro 2016. Their qualification cycle was characterized by low efficiency, which continue in the friendly against Macedonia before the day ended with a minimal 1: 0. The history of football has seen 4 dispute between Northern Ireland and Slovenia each of them graduated with low performance. So it will be now.

Estonia – Serbia FORECAST UNDER 2.5 goals (odds. 1.50), result:  0:1

Agony of Serbs continues, and the end of the crisis and not be found. The interesting thing here is that our western neighbors have relatively high quality players, but their results do not correspond with it. Estonia can not be compared with the Serbs in this regard, but it shows stability in performance in recent times. This is one of the teams with the lowest performance of his meetings in Europe and the upcoming debate will take place in full harmony with this statement.

Norway – Finland UNDER 2.5 goals (odds. 1.60), result:  2:0

The Norwegians had to drink bitterness at the end of qualifying after they failed in the most unpleasant way. They missed a great opportunity and after only two months could be in France, but not in fact have. Finns could not even get close to the average for the qualifying cycle and reasonably stayed on the bottom in their group. They are a mediocre team that continues to be frustrating in front of goal. In three consecutive clash they can not find the opponent’s goal, and no doubt the loss of Poland with 5: 0 was a huge blow to them. If nothing else, it will at least stabilize defense against Norway.

Macedonia – Bulgaria with UNDER 2.5 goals (odds. 1.57), result:  0:2

A football pitch will see Macedonia and Bulgaria in this friendly dispute. Order frustrating qualifying cycle for both teams who did not even join the battle for a place at the top of the standings. What rank did mention if they even stayed away from the average for the qualifying cycle. Undoubtedly there are things to improve in both national teams. Several days ago Macedonians lost to Slovenia with 1: 0, while our beat Portugal by the same score in a memorable argument. Both teams have significant difficulties up front, which will remain available after the end of their direct collision.

Montenegro – Belarus with UNDER 2.5 goals (odds. 1.57), result:  0:0

Montenegrins came out with a very atypical starting XI in his final inspection and were punished by the Greeks. Losing 2: 1 if proved at least, with which Montenegro came after a dispute with boys Skiba. With this defeat, they increased his series of consecutive defeats 4, which deepens the crisis in their ranks. Belarusians continue to string a low score after low effective meeting your account. After the last control – against Armenia and their series reached the 4th consecutive clash with a similar outcome. Their weakness in front of goal will be seen against Montenegro.

Prognosis Result
28.03.2016 Andorra Moldova under 2,5 goals  0:1
28.03.2016 Liechtenstein Faroe Islands under 2,5 goals  2:3
28.03.2016 Ukraine Wales under 2,5 goals  1:0  
28.03.2016 Northern Ireland Slovenia under 2,5 goals  1:0
29.03.2016 Estonia Serbia under 2,5 goals  0:1
29.03.2016 Norway Finland under 2,5 goals  2:0  
29.03.2016 Macedonia Bulgaria under 2,5 goals  0:2
29.03.2016 Montenegro Belarus under 2,5 goals  0:0

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