France Liga 1 37 round, 07.May.2016

Bastia – Angers with FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

Despite the tragic form team of Bastia can be pleased with this campaign because congratulated survival goals three rounds before the end. This was the main task of the home, which was executed. In the remaining two clash they will indulge in traditional offensive style and look for hits. Angers is heavy with by goal drought that will find its end in this visit. The points of this battle will play virtually no role for both teams, which practically already completed season. This will enable them to podhoyat more offensive and delight fans with lots of goals.

Bordeaux – Lorient with 1 FORECAST

Bordeaux sent one of the worst campaigns in the last decade. No one knows how serious indications that there would be such a downfall for zhirondintsite that on top are on track to finish in the bottom of the table. Their hopes in the remaining two rounds are to reach the place in the Top 10, at least a little to wash away the shame of heavy campaign. Lorien congratulated survival last weekend, but this happens after all direct rivals for survival failed. The away team will remain unanswered against Bordeaux and will be struck.

Gazalek Ajaccio – Paris Saint Germain with FORECAST X (AP)

One of the few question marks in Ligue 1 fixation with who among Gazalek Ajaccio, Toulouse and Reims will be able to save. Newcomer enters the penultimate round with point advance over his rivals, but that does not mean anything, because his schedule is not particularly pleasant. Paris Saint-Germain greeted by consecutive title, but act in a championship and continues to gain collision after collision. They will seek continued his series while Gazalek Ajaccio will be happy and equality. The cautious approach of hosts will do so to break no change in the result.

Lille – Gingam with 1 FORECAST

Lille could seriously regret that slept through the first half and conceded losing so many points. Somewhere around the 20th round team reminded his best years began to gain collision after collision, yet still beyond Zone Europa League. If it wins its two ostavashtie dispute almost certainly Lille will fight for at least sixth place, so this will give impetus to the team battle with Gingam, which boasts a strong host, which is at the expense of its presentation as a guest. Victory is no alternative to Lille.

Lyon – Monaco FORECAST X (AP)

Battle of rounds in Ligue 1 between Lyon and Monaco. Almost the entire season has passed, but still nothing is clear with respect to the second position. After a long wait finally Lyon managed to climb it as it happened only because of a better goal difference than Monaco, which is a mirror of points. Equality in this battle will be a good alternative for Lyon because it would keep the status quo and leave him second place in the ranking. Monaco will hope a win will seek until after the break. By the holiday will see endless cautious steps and a total lack of goals.

Montpellier – Rennes with FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

Monaco and Paris St Germain are teams in the strongest form in Ligue 1. The shape of Champions is understandable as Montpellier presence alongside them is sensational. A month ago, this team was even in danger, but still took the situation in hand and slipped from the bottom. Rehn sent the strongest campaign in recent years and yet again will miss participation in the Europa League. Failure to guests began about a month ago and continues today. They do not stop to allow goals and give serious occasions Montpellier to seek continued his flying form.

Nantes – Caen with 1 FORECAST

Neighborly battle between Nantes and Caen is one of those who arouse the slightest interest in this round of Ligue 1. However, both maligned team will have something to show and impress with offensive production. In recent weeks, Nantes played against strong rivals and greets with good results, while Caen extended run of consecutive collisions without a win to 5. Undoubtedly guests look forward to the advent of the season and it will become clear by their actions against Nantes.

Nice – St Etienne with 1 FORECAST

One of the top two clash in the round is that between Nice and Saint Etienne. These teams are direct rivals in terms of the battle for fourth position. In this situation one can say that apart from the defeat as an unpleasant result will be considered and equality, which will do a great service to Lille. If it comes to a draw between Nice and St Etienne and Lille win, the dogs can both overtake both participants in this collision. In the last round St Etienne ended the winning streak as a missed beat Toulouse. Undoubtedly the upcoming debate will be twice as heavy as the same will also apply for outcome.

Marseille – Reims with 1 FORECAST

Who could have expected that Marseille will be in such poor condition throughout the current campaign. Real pogrom happened to this team like a tsunami through its ranks. There was no trace of subnetting wonderful team back several campaigns, which represented France in the Champions League. Reims no ambitions of their opponents. The only significant for the visitors in the remaining circles to fight for survival. Lagging behind their salvation is only a point but then when Marseille is underestimated will cause your shot it will happen biggest regret of Reims.

Toulouse – Troyes with 1 FORECAST

Toulouse is in the uncomfortable position of all 3 teams that are still in the battle for survival. Backwardness team of salvation is 3 points, but the time came and he took advantage of bonus points against Troyes. This team is perhaps the most tragic novice in the history of French football as its 17 points can not be peeled off from the last position. Relegation became a fact of Troyes long time ago and it brought even more unpleasant note of the actions of the team. Cashing in four goals in the last 2 clash showed once again that Troyes has no common ground with the elite teams. Pogrom guests will continue as Toulouse will become the next team, smeared them in this campaign.

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