France League 1 – 23 round

PSG – Bordeaux with FORECAST – 1 ( Coefficient 1.22 ) result : 2:0 . After a misstep against Guingamp in the last round , the hosts will pursue 100% asset in this match against Bordeaux. Advance to the second Monaco is only 3 points and Parisians are not entitled to the grant . Guests chasing a place in the top 4 , to date, only three points separate them from that goal. Expect PSG to win. The only concern comes from the fact that petashnite matches are not uncommon given ” surprising results ” . Pick – 1.

Lorient – Monaco FORECAST – 2X ( Coefficient 1.29 ) result : 2:2 . After a great series of 6 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss in the last 10 rounds , the composition of Lorien closer to places entitling evrouchastie in the coming season. Monaco are now one win short distance from the top and definitely will try to win. The big problem in the ranks of the guests is the absence of star Radamel Falcao , who missed the remainder of the season due to injury received in RBS France. However, the team from the principality difficult to lose . Forecast – 2X .

Nice – Lille FORECAST – 2X ( Coefficient 1.38 ) result : 1:0 . Once you have achieved excellent results in the new 2014 , the home moved away considerably from the danger zone , still confident in the Cup of the country and will play in the championship released without tension. Lille will fight for points in every game until the end of the campaign to retain third place . After the championship break visitors have not won a championship and wonder exactly in this game to succeed. Forecast – 2X .

Marseille – Toulouse FORECAST – 1 ( Coefficient 1.83 ) result : 2:2 . Slowly approached the home of the 6 points of the top three and if you win the upcoming matches as very likely at the end of the season to have a third . Last weekend Toulouse lost their household against Monaco 0-2 and so interrupted excellent series in which the composition has been logged . Our team is of the view that Marseille have all the prerequisites to defeat in this game . Pick – 1.

Rennes – Lyon FORECAST – 2X ( Coefficient 1.42 ) result : 2:0 . The hosts made three consecutive draws in Ligue 1 , but the fact that no victory nearly two months , the team dangerously close to the danger zone , which now has 6 points a distance . Lyon presented great lately made ​​an 1 loss in the last 12 rounds , which says a lot about his current form . After the teams PSG and Monaco , guests have the third scoring offense in the league , and Rennes are definitely not a team with ” an iron defense”. Forecast – 2X .

Bastia – Guingamp with FORECAST – 1X ( Coefficient 1.33 ) result : 3:2 . Very strong battle gear up in Bastia , where the hosts take tough team to Guingamp . Guests have achieved a great result , steal point from the leader PSG last weekend and now the mood in their ranks will be excellent . Bastia lost only one match in 10 households of the season , suggesting that the results of the composition at home are not random . Hardly team from the bottom half of the table can win in this stadium . Forecast – 1X .

Evian Thonon – Ajaccio with FORECAST – 1 ( Coefficient 1.83 ) result : 1:1 . After the Nightmare series , which have fallen home danger zone around the corner , and the distance is 3 points. The match is vital for Evian Thonon if they want to maintain their elite status. Remember that this stadium was defeated League leaders PSG and other leading teams in France – Lyon. Hardly falls Ajaccio will be able to surprise the hosts. Pick – 1.

Reims – Montpellier with FORECAST – 1X ( Coefficient 1.40 ) result :  2:4. Reims is one of the pleasant surprises this season , and the composition has a very nice football. Montpellier have won their last two games and moved away from the relegation zone . In the Cup of the country team has been excellent and it seems that guests are on the right track . Very rarely hosts allow surprises to own land in the campaign. Forecast – 1X .

Saint Etienne – Valenciennes FORECAST – over 2,5, ( Coefficient 2.00) , result : 3:0 . After the unfortunate loss of Bordeaux in the last round 0-2 hosts 4 points away from third place. Guests are in the relegation zone , but rescue Beach is very close – a distance of 3 points . Valenciennes managed to win in his visit to Monaco , and in the last round against Marseille almost out of view. The team shows that it is dangerous on the counterattack and St Etienne will seek victory in this meeting , which brings to mind that the forecast – over 2.5 goals is quite possible.

Sochaux – Nantes FORECAST – 2X ( Coefficient 1.40 ) result : 1:0 . The hosts have sunk one foot to Ligue 2 and suicidal draw against Ajaccio last weekend further worsen the situation of the composition. After a good start to the season Nantes that the players and the team stepped up to 8 spot in the table at the moment . There are no doubt better team and nothing can bury ambitions Sochaux salvation . Forecast – 2X .

Round 23 prognosis result  
01/31/2014 PSG Bordeaux 1  2:0  
02/01/2014 Lorient Monaco 2X  2:2  
02/02/2014 Nice Lille 2X  1:0  
02/02/2014 Marseille Toulouse 1  2:2  
02/02/2014 Rennes Lyon 2X  2:0  
02/01/2014 Bastia Guingamp 1X  3:2  
02/01/2014 Evian Thonon Ajaccio 1  1:1  
02/01/2014 Reims Montpellier 1X  2:4  
02/01/2014 Saint Etienne Valenciennes over 2,5  3:0  
02/01/2014 Sochaux Nantes 2X  1:0

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