England Premiership 37 round, 07.May.2016

Norwich – Manchester United at FORECAST 1X

Norwich is extremely threatened by relegation and if it fails to increase its assets after the end of this round is not falling off to become a reality. This team has shown that the nature of such heavy battles in which is written off by mainstream expectations, but ultimately triumphed. Manchester United is even closer to the fourth position in this range can be closer to her as against each other play City and Arsenal. This will not happen because the unpredictable Norwich will put an end to the strong performance of hell.

Aston Villa – Newcastle United 2 FORECAST

Newcastle was involved in bezkomromisnata battle for survival as the outcome of her is still unclear. The only clear that future opponent – Aston Villa have already lost their elite status and continues to amaze fans of the game on the island with inability. A similar team simply has no place in one of the strongest leagues in the world and naturally in the new campaign will be in the Championship. It is not excluded and Newcastle to take there, but guests still have a chance to avoid a similar fate. They know they clash with Villa is a great chance not to be missed even more in this period of the campaign.

Bournemouth – West Bromwich with 1 FORECAST

The strong performance of Bournemouth remained forgotten in the past as in the recent 5 league battles this is the third weakest team. Clearly, this unprecedented decline in the game the team was dictated by guaranteeing salvation that happened long before the recent rounds. However Bournemouth still not finished this strong campaign and will try to do it with style, winning their household West Brom. Looking mentioned statistics on the teams in the weakest form lately West Brom’s second as the first in the anti-rating as everyone is speculating is Aston Villa. The weak form of defense will remain as Bournemouth will find himself and dispatch them.

Crystal Palace – Stoke City with FORECAST OVER 2.5 goals

After a long season filled with many twists Crystal Palace to ensure survival. This happened even before two rounds and the team is now fully relaxed for the remainder of the season. Palace can afford offensive approach against potters from Stoke, who have a taste for such collisions. They are still struggling to complete the 10th place, thereby leaving them in the first half of the ranking. The three points are important to them and they will show it by your actions on the field, looking for victory. Their mediocre defense again will play a bad joke and Crystal Palace will benefit.

Liverpool – Watford with FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

Liverpool lost points in the last two rounds as of 6 possible only won one – in their own stadium against Newcastle. The problems arising in this team full of Defence, which is beneath criticism. It was the main obstacle to win more than these two clash. First lead to loss battle won against Newcastle having ended 2: 0 to 2: 2 in a very short period of time, then André Ayew literally popilya opponents, ensuring the victory of Swansea 3: 1. Watford has a taste for hits and once again will demonstrate, but to walk away with something from Anfield will have to keep a clean sheet, but I do not see how this will happen.

Manchester City – Arsenal FORECAST OVER 2.5 goals

Derby of the round is between City and Arsenal. Citizens swallowed the disappointment of dropping out of the Champions League, but still recorded a historic achievement. It’s obvious that the long season in the Premier League has affected them very uncomfortable and just wait for it to end. However, they can not afford to remain outside the Top 4, because it will lead to participation in the Europa League under the guidance of Guardiola and will fall into comic situations. Arsenal almost certainly guarantee their place in the Top 4 and will focus on his desire to finish third. In the case of two offensive-minded team will be a serious surprise if no serious amount of goals between them.

Sunderland – Chelsea FORECAST 2X

Chelsea is still the team to the English elite, having the status of a breaker goals rivals. 2 years ago precisely Blues finally ended the hopes of Liverpool for the title, but fell in a similar situation last weekend when caught up against Tottenham and 0: 2 came to 2: 2 to send the title in the arms of Leicester. It is clear that Chelsea will try to throw and Sunderland to the Championship. The team from the relegation zone not lost in his last three fights, but missed several good chances to win. Eden Hazard began to find itself and will continue to do so it will disappoint and Sunderland.

Tottenham – Southampton with FORECAST X (AP)

The disappointment for Tottenham is complete after two rounds before the end of the campaign team final goodbye to their hopes of a championship triumph. Adding that the team can hardly lose second place in the ranking because of to seal it in the most difficult case needs a victory in the remaining two rounds, fighting to the end is just a formality. Southampton crushed City last weekend and demonstrates that still targets the 7 th place in the Europa League. Only victory suits guests in this battle, but to pause they will not necessarily looking for an advantage in the result.

West Ham – Swansea with 1 FORECAST

West Ham enters the final phase of the season with unknown status. The locations of the 4 th to 7 th are so densely distributed and it is possible to complete the hammers of each of them. They also have a game in reserve against their direct rivals so that they have full chance to compete even for fifth place with Manchester United. Victory against Swansea is simply a must, because otherwise you will squander lightly one of your best options. Swans are elated after win over Liverpool. However, their rise will not last long as another West Ham will scalded.

Leicester – Everton 1 FORECAST

The champion of England for the season – Leicester will play their first battle as such. After a long and controversial campaign foxes managed to grab a medal dream and become one of the biggest stories in the world of sport. Their achievement is a total sensation and definitely deserves enormous respect. Incidentally before the campaign seemed at times more likely Everton to become champion than Lester. Looking at the table now shows, however, that the difference between both teams is 10 seats and in terms of points – just 33. After this battle Leicester will bring new joy to their fans, winning the dispute on the day of the coronation.


round 37 prognosis result  
07/05/2016 Norwich Manchester United 1X    
07/05/2016 Aston Villa Newcastle 2    
07/05/2016 Bournemouth West Brom 1    
07/05/2016 Crystal Palace Stoke City over 2,5    
07/05/2016 Liverpool Watford goal / goal    
07/05/2016 Manchester City arsenal over 2,5    
07/05/2016 Sunderland Chelsea 2X    
07/05/2016 Tottenham Southampton X (HT)    
07/05/2016 West Ham Swansea 1    
07/05/2016 Leicester Everton 1    

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