England Premier League, 17.08.2019

Arsenal – Burnley with FORECAST 1 (-1.5AH) @ 1.94

Arsenal’s rejuvenated team took a giant step in the right direction, extracting those precious three points from their visit to Newcastle a week ago. They were infinitely difficult, but at the same time they came sweetly after a late goal from the undisputed star in the Emery Rangers – Pierre-Emerick Obameyang. The situation is that it is he who must lead the others to great success, and so far he does. The company is being attacked by a number of huge local talents, such as Willock and Nelson, who will soon be talked about more and more. After two Manchester Colossians, Burnley stole a number of superlatives for what was shown as a total smash of Southampton 3-0 on his Turf Moor. Rather, it was a nice exception for Daish’s team, who will be back on the ground in this round of Arsenal.

Aston Villa – Bournemouth with FORECAST 1 DNB @ 1.75

The Aston Villa team enjoyed the first-round football showdown, and it was far from getting the point out of an endlessly tough visit – like Tottenham’s. The Villas have a number of quality competitors in this form and will certainly throw a few very big sensations in the course of the season. This Bournemouth household is the first for them after returning to the highest level, and it is well known how big a team for the whole country they are. Exactly Aston Villa is one of the former representatives of England on the international stage, and fans have been waiting a long time to see their pets again at the highest level. This moment has come, and the home of the struggling Bournemouth defense team is among the best chances of winning.

Brighton – West Ham with FORECAST Goal/Goal @ 1.80

Brighton threw one of the most pleasant surprises in the opening round by deploying his best possible football and making Watford a team in the middle of Victoria Road. This victory will surely inspire the Seagulls, who have been very, very strong hosts over the past two seasons. Adopting West Ham, which has opportunities similar to theirs, will surely ambition them to keep up their successful move, and with the record of another victory, sooner or later they will start to take their eyes on themselves and do the basic which they are fighting for – to establish themselves in the middle of the table. The Hammers were ugly a week ago, as they were part of an early Saturday match. Only in the first 15-20 minutes they stood well on the pitch after which Manchester City took total control and crushed them with 5 unanswered goals. These breakouts will continue to exist, but the difference here will come from the significantly better performances at the other end of the pitch.

Everton – Watford with  FORECAST under 3.5 goals @ 1.45

The Caramelians did not enjoy the start they wanted, only to earn a point in their visit to Crystal Palace, but had several good opportunities to emerge as Selhurst winners. Their ambitions are to break the hegemony of the strongest in the country and to wedge themselves between them in the next few months, so that will be one of the potential pleasant surprises. Watford was staggering a week ago, and just a year ago during those opening rounds, he was at a great level, earning point after point. The team swallowed the bitter bit of home defeat by Brighton 3-0, at times just not knowing what was happening on the pitch. It was very surprising, given that the 11 who came out to play for them were almost the same as last year’s title line-up. This noisy slap will cause the Hornets to recover, and against Everton they will be at a much better level at their own door, bringing the match to under 3.5

Norwich – Newcastle with FORECAST 1X @ 1.35

The Canaries were smeared by Liverpool just after returning to the country’s elite. This should by no means discourage them, even on the contrary. The football demonstrated by them was at a good level, with the worst result being the result. He was largely undeserved, as Norwich came out fearlessly not anywhere but in the middle of Anfield, and within the first 15 minutes created an abundance of head postures, several times very close to signing. The team was beaten by a big difference, but if they keep that way, they will surely have huge success in much more important duels – those with teams like Newcastle. The Wickets cracked against Arsenal, planning to be swept up by worse times. Norwich will continue to play all the more spectacularly and will still find his point asset here.

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