England Premier League, 01.01.2019

Brighton – Chelsea with a FORECAST under 3.5 goals @ 1.50

Brighton’s brilliant game against Bournemouth did its best – earning that significant three points and this time it ended. Only a few days later, a new very serious ordeal, such as Chelsea’s, appears for him. The Blue are in a very volatile period, which is hard to know exactly what to show. You can see that they have to have a look, and lately they have been alternating in your fights. The defeats at home from Bournemouth and Southampton were most surprising as time went on, they were accustomed to seeing each other with ease. Between them we have and we win against Totum and this as a guest, and only these three duels suggested the hesitation of the team. Just opposite Brighton Chelsea will be showing some intermediate level and will no longer be brilliant in the front positions.


Norwich – Crystal Palace with FORECAST OVER 2.5 goals @ 1.90

Norwich was at a high level in their rivalry with Tottenham a few days ago and they definitely deserved to win it. And all this happens with the stipulation that Farke received most of his title racers with the intention of performing them to the maximum of the best in them, where his rivalry with Crystal Palace is important for his team. There is this and there is that the match with the Spurs is largely written off, which, like nothing, can bring a complete set of points. With the reality gained, Norwich has put an end to his disappearance and will join this household of “eagles” in good spirits. It is time for Hodgson’s boys to score and cash in, and this series will not end against Norwich. The goals here will be many again.


Man City – Everton with FORECAST 2 (+ 2AX) @ 1.80

Everton is the only new moment since Ancelotti is behind the wheel. 2 out of 2 for him in a very short period of time, and these points face the team at the top half of the table. The improvement is visible and will develop against Man City. As you can add and leave in the appearances of the “citizens”, this match is a surprise. In no case will Everton be just a figure who he was in the middle of Etihad. The team is playing a match against this match against this opponent who has lost one of his remaining 4 with him, but each of them has others that are not listed but are explicitly raised, with each one losing by exactly 2 Hall . This happens in periods where the city is much more inland, and here the situation is different and the “caramel” will be perceived in the best way.


Arsenal – Man United with FORECAST 1 DNB @ 1.85

The first big derby was left early. Arsenal and Man United are looking after the best oppositions a few years ago, when some of the strongest players abroad are unknown. As of today, this is not exactly the way to point it out and to note that it is a non-approved pleasant state and all that can be done by points, open and unfamiliar rivals. Artillerymen have repeatedly offered and inherited their Emirate in the last month and then lost it – from Eintracht Frankfurt came the coaching change. Lungberg is also unnecessary on the level and time does not deviate from the bottom, but he is simply temporary in position. With Arteta Arsenal you will look at a lasting similar vision, recording the points points in this big derby is extremely important. United handle Newcastle and Burnley, but none are of Arsenal’s caliber. Finally, the “balls” will deploy proper football and you will enjoy a great victory.


West Ham – Bournemouth with FORECAST Goal / Goal @ 1.65

The match between them seriously bought teams. The three points are able to bring about some dramatic change in the desired direction for each of them, so this is definitely one of their most important matches included in the course of the campaigns. The Hammers already enjoy this by selecting the best choice of football players. Until recently, an injury has ended in their line-up as the last one is Winston Reed, who suffered a very serious knee injury and has been in infirmities for more than a year. He is already available, so West Ham is ready for two matches. Bournemouth only won by wearing 9 rounds, and this is an accidental legacy of Stamford Bridge in one of the toughest meetings of the period, and subsequently lost to Brighton, Burnley, Crystal Palace and Newcastle. Exactly one from such a level will face each other and in this round the match will not go without scoring a goal once.

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