England Championship 24 round 29-31 december.2016

Aston Villa – Leeds FORECAST under 2.5 goals

Villa are still phenomenal distance from its normal condition and can not step on the little finger of the level of the Premier League. However, the theoretical possibility of their return alongside largest available, and the door to the entry in the “Mecca” of football in England is open. It can be even more ajar with taking three points against Leeds – one of the direct opponents for this spectacular achievement. Already left more back in history period of the elite events of Leeds has longed for their every fan. Unfortunately for viewers of goals such right in this dispute will fail.


Rotherham – Burton FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

Contrary to all initial attitudes tedious football, lack of principles and goals respectively, our forecast is oriented in another direction. Rotherham has almost been written off, crossed with the large number of tag football experts to the island in the next campaign ought to play in the first division. Backwardness team to salvation is 9 points and the border zone is exactly Burton, who may suffer the biggest disappointment in the next dispute. Both teams will be afraid to act liberated and will delight the eye of the audience with a lot of goals.


Brighton – Cardiff with an estimated 1

Finally the long awaited news for the hosts saw “light.” Newcastle stepped sideways and Brighton victories. All this means instantaneous exchange of positioning at the top of the table. Brighton is now 2 points ahead of “Magpies” and will make inevitable effort to leave the status quo and after the 46 th round in the league. Kradif moved after allowing just one defeat in the previous month. The appearance of the Welsh team did not show partiality, and Brighton will take advantage of this and take more points.


Ipswich – Bristol City with FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

Two maligned teams have nothing to play, will compete in this round. The points start to have less and less importance to any of them, because the area of ​​the playoffs is a huge pit spot and relegation is also significant distance. It almost certainly will leave both teams in mid-table, so they will have to send campaign that provides them with a set of conflicting emotions. “Tractor” will embark on incessant attacks and will create the spectacular match.


Newcastle – Nottingham with 1/1 FORECAST

“Magpies” began to become more harmless, however ridiculous it may sound after recording the abundance of victories. Unthinkable a month ago, month and a half already happened, namely the exchange of positioning at the top of the table. Despite several missteps Newcastle remains spectacular to watch and it will reveal your talent in the household of Nottingham. On several occasions during the campaign boys Benitez collapsed, and even the next round gromyaha – so it will be now.

Reading – Fulham with 1X FORECAST

Reding is under steam and looking ever more insistently to return to the Premiership. This does not mean very much, because the Championship is still the natural habitat of the home, but have to say are in the phenomenal series of 4 consecutive triumph and even returned their chances for direct promotion. Fulham also on the rise and for a long time knows the taste of defeat. This is undoubtedly enjoys as players of the visiting team and its fans who look forward to see him back in the Premiership. Once again Reading will be second to none and will continue to move.


Huddersfield – Blackburn with 1 FLAT FORECAST WILL PLEDGE

The short fall, resulting in 3-4 consecutive rounds of Huddersfield was quickly terminated and what is happening with the team enjoys infinitely many fans. Even better for the team is that not only play its own stadium is second to none, and that far from it, but this is a requirement for leaving available rapture chances of promotion. Blackburn is after 4 consecutive defeats and not exclude undergo new falling, which could lead to a fall in the third division football in England. Unfortunately for Blackburn and Huddersfield will be too big bite.


Barnsley – Birmingham with FORECAST under 2.5 goals

Birmingham was has accumulated a number of good reviews for his game, but they will remain without the desired result. The lesions began to abound after fans of the team saw 4 such a very short period of the previous 5 rounds. All this meant only one thing – Birmingham no way to get to promotion in this campaign and if there is a desire to chase the big comeback, then maybe next campaign will be exact. No secret that the visiting team has problems with insertion of goals. And this time it will be so, but the goals will fail.

Derby – Wigan with 1 FORECAST

Excellent, phenomenal, brilliant – all these compliments go into the asset of “rams” and it fully deserved. Derby may still not intervene in the area of ​​the playoffs and still just one point from it. The base is domestic team is very good and should be upgraded slightly above it, to be able to make the next step to see “light.” Of all the possible Wigan’s second or third most desired opponent in the Championship at the moment, and Derby can not make a mistake against his mediocrity.


Preston – Sheffield Wednesday with FORECAST under 2.5 goals

Crazy team of Preston gaining ground not because of their glorious past, but because of the sight which makes the present. Plenty of goals is becoming an indispensable feature of the North End, and it raises enthusiasm among fans of beauty in the football game. Sheffield Wednesday is a special case of contradiction that. Never seen such permissiveness in the ranks of guests who nevertheless have much better results. Wednesday will focus its fortunes to the desired mainstream – with few goals and will chase victory goal difference.


Wolverhampton – QPR FORECAST over 2.5 goals

Victory, victory, after which come three or four consecutive defeats – that’s Wolves this season. In the short time the team can impress and show good things green carpet, but over a period of a month or two assessments of his games are not much better. All this is an excellent achievement if compared with the record of QPR – 5 consecutive defeats, topped with tragic football and no idea how to get out of the crisis. The captain of the QPR- Nedam Onuoha with a red card from last weekend but as mention and that he is a central defender – problems will become even more, and the encased goals – too.


Brentford – Norwich with FORECAST OVER 0.5 goals Half

Brentford makes everything his own way. This is not always the key to success, but in this case can be defined as a good move. All this with the proviso that the hosts do not have any ambitions to chase promotion, so that the place in the middle of the table is an imagined for them. Norwich did not feel satisfaction from their current location in the middle of the table. However, this in no way can be changed in such a tragic representation of “canaries”. Recently they were in a series of 5 wins and are now close to one of five defeats. However, they are able to mark and cause a goal in the first 45 minutes.

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