Cherno more continues with victories

Boys of Georgi Ivanov – Gonzo coped with Montana in dispute of the second round.

cherno moreBlack Sea still can not use their own stadium in Varna and therefore plays about 60 km, Kavarna. That could mean that guests have many more chances to grab at least a point because certainly their task would be many times more difficult if the match is played in “Escapes”. Since the first minutes showed what the mainstream will develop rivalries – with many challenges, few chances and almost any individual brilliance. Contrary to expectations sparingly home boys Georgi Ivanov failed early on to leave the lead. This happened after a very, very controversial situation that has gained huge response in the media. In a few words the Black Sea had a chance to a free kick from which the ball was poured into the box. Carambola and after a few strokes Plamen Nikolov sent the ball to the door of Hristo Ivanov, who shuffled around wineries was not clear whether the entire ball has crossed the line. The side referee signaled to his colleague that he thinks that’s what happened, and so it came to judging goal for the Black Sea, which later turned out to be defeated.

In the second half the hosts of Varna remained with a man less after a second yellow and red card respectively for one of their key players in midfield – Todor Palankov. Only two minutes before it does in the game appear Bakari, who was not available Georgi Ivanov at the start, but has already made his official debut for the season. He stay on the field about 16 minutes before being replaced by Georgi Andonov. Montana threw all forces in the forefront in the last 10 minutes with the inclusion of offensive Petkov Iliev and as this move did not help Kuzmanovski to get from point second consecutive visit.

With recorded victory sailors climbed to first place while Montana remains one point in assets.

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