Why Romanian national team will have equations instead of numbers on their shirts?

If you have problems with math will be extremely difficult to find out which player is which number during the friendly match between Spain and Romania.

PAY-Romania-training-sessionThe players are often accused of not doing anything useful to society. This will no longer be able to say with is for the Romanian national team. For their friendly match against Spain they will do something unusual. They will replace the numbers on the backs of their shirts with mathematical equations.

The reason for this decision is quite noble. The idea is to improve the perception of mathematics of Romanian children. Romania is one of the countries with the highest drop-out rates of children from school among the countries in the European Union. in 2014 the percentage of those children was 18.

Before the match with the Spaniards Romanian players trained with jackets that also had the equations instead of the usual numbers. The decision on the replacement of numbers is part of a national program. It aims to improve the skills of Romanians in mathematics and to fight dropouts from school.
As part of this program will also have manuals which will be available on the Internet, and prior to the match will be aired short video. It will help young Romanians to better understand mathematics. Considering the problems in the education system of Romania this initiative will be of great benefit

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