Qualifying for the World Cup 2018, 9-11 october.2016

Finland – Croatia FORECAST 2

Finns desperately team simply does not have the qualities to difficult infinitely stronger opponent. Croats are the top favorite to win the three points in this clash, which is understandable, but their chances to remain in first place in the group are very large. And in this dispute Croats will be without some of its biggest stars. However, this in no way affect the play of a team of such high caliber who seeks affirmation in the big football nationally. Here Croats will take all three points with a brilliant football.

Iceland – Turkey FORECAST X Half

Icelanders are one of the brightest rays at national level. Good football that this team played liked a number of neutral spectators who provide support to the islanders and during Euro 2016. Routine is on the side of the Turks successes in recent years, however. Stagnant, which are seeing, but all work on the subject to change. Turks are impeccable in defense to break and are fully equivalent to the biggest football sensation at national level.

Macedonia – Italy FORECAST 2/2

Macedonians will fall in deaf defense from first whistle and will have to make an extraordinary effort to not allow themselves to be smeared. The Italians played very strongly exactly in such clashes as it turned into the most powerful their weapons in recent years. Their young team will do well in this visit and will continue with his brilliant performance in qualifying. Macedonia has no place compared with extremely large properties next opponent will lose the chance of a good result even to pause.

Albania – Spain FORECAST under 2.5 goals

Albanians alongside Iceland nailed eyes during Euro 2016. Not that they have any who knows how many star players as so valuable that played football, even though there have personalities that have football giants. Spain is one of two top favorites to win the group. Or are they, however, and you Italians are big loser because of one of these two teams will have to pass through barrages. Spaniards will be tormented by the brilliant play of the Albanian defense.

Ukraine – Kosovo FORECAST 1

Ukrainians are very serious team with quality and with very similar clashes behind him. For some time now the clouds around them begin to become more dense and darker. The meeting their own land with Kosovo is the best chance for them to get closer to its old glory and grab three points. The team of Kosovars have some fairly good names that can create troubles for the ambitious Ukrainians. This time, Ukraine will cope with this task and will take the three points.

Belarus – Luxembourg FORECAST 1 (-1AH)

Belarusians are relegated to second place in this group, which ironically is our national team. Meanwhile lyuksemburgtsite it is the biggest favorite to last place and will be a huge surprise if somehow plucked point either from France or the Netherlands. Their hopes for something connected squarely with disputes with Belarus and Bulgaria. For the hosts it is one of the mandatory to win games and they will justify the hopes of his fans. The defensive line of Luxembourg is beneath criticism and will be noisy punished in this visit.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Cyprus FORECAST 1/1

Bosnians swallowed one of the worst results in all its football history precisely against this opponent. Both teams were in the same group during qualifying for Euro 2016 by then somehow Cypriots grabbed all three points from their visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina up, offering one of the top surprises. Bosnians took from his rematch after a dramatic confrontation and 2: 3. This time they will show that they have learned the lesson from the result and smash your opponent to break even.

Estonia – Greece FORECAST X / 2

Estonians play football well balanced and also marked improvement in his game in defense. There is some improvement in their game, although it began to stray too far from the sustained level a few years ago, allowing them to play a decisive barrages. Greek football is becoming increasingly ruin, which fell and the national team. However, where their routine, where personalities will help them escape the three points in Estonia and for a higher coefficient look for that to happen exactly in the second part in a draw before.

Netherlands – France FORECAST under 2.5 goals

Accounts before the start of the group spoke that the undisputed favorite for the top two are exactly those. The intrigue in dispute would be infinitely greater, and the importance of the result too. One of these two brilliant teams will have to pass through the barrages because only the first gets direct qualification for World Cup 2018. Both teams boast that they have phenomenal players in offensive term, but in this case they will have the light of spotlight because defenders are second to none and will restrict goalscoring chances.

Sweden – Bulgaria with 1 FORECAST (-1AH)

Our national team has unprecedented shocks that never cease for years. Contractors in this composition are not so bad as a number of football specialists earn them, but the results are simply deplorable. Another coaching change will not bring anything new like the old song will be sung in a new voice, simply with another contractor. Swedes are not top football power, yet it will have everything to deal with disoriented our national team.

Kazakhstan – Romania FORECAST X Half

Kazakhs have some beginnings of progress in the last year, to a very large extent on the development of FC Astana. The national team is still very far from perfect and thus can not start to play well against teams of the caliber of Romania. Coming rival do much with their ranking for the finals of Euro 2016, although there did not impress much. This time, Romania will look exactly the favorite way of escaping the three points, namely with a late goal.

Germany – Northern Ireland FORECAST X / 1

Northern Irish are many other nice surprises during Euro 2016. The game their defensive plan was remarkable, although their offensive line took a lot of criticism for endlessly vague performance. There is no iota of doubt about the Germans have anything to smear this opponent. This time their great reputation will allow them to underestimate your opponent and this will open up a chance to Northern Ireland to keep the draw to rest, but after that Germany will come to their senses and get three points.

Poland – Armenia FORECAST 1 (-1.5)

Poles with small steps go to great achievements. This team is well balanced and flashed a European, although he dropped in a paradoxical way – without any loss during the entire championship. Armenians are a team that builds everything around Mhitaryan. Great Star team has infinitely many problems with his injury and all this would explain the tragic football shown by visitors in the middle of Poland. Lev and his teammates will play childish task in this dispute and will beat the opponent in all indicators of football.

Slovenia – England FORECAST 2

Here is the chance of Slovenians, which will be lightly squandered them. The British had a lot of trouble last month after Allardyce was embroiled in scandal. The Englishman vacant post, which was received by Southgate. Meanwhile England have problems of another nature-related injuries of some senior players. The lack of Kane did not notice in this case and for the umpteenth time in a row Three Lions will escape the three points in a similar dispute qualifier away from ‘Wembley’.

Slovakia – Scotland FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

The formation of the final standings in this group to some extent will be affected by the outcome in this dispute. England is the clear favorite to win her while each of Slovakia and Scotland has a roughly equal chance of second place. Slovenians are still behind in bills, but if you take something from England could intervene in the scrum for the top. In this dispute, the driving force will be the team of Slovakia, who will approach more liberated and not afraid to resort more frequently to offensives to Scotland door. Both teams will not explore and will directly employ a more open minded football.

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