National teams, zone Asia and Europe, 24.mart.2016

Australia – Tajikistan 2 (+4.5 Asian handicap) (odds. 1.38), result:  7:0.

Another characteristic collision zone Asia – clearly manifested crushing favorite against total outsider – a classic in the genre. And this happens in about 90 percent of the meetings of Australia and Japan. You can make conclusions what the average teams from the area. The fact that before the game the possibility to win Tajikistan is assessed by a factor of between 35 and 50 clearly speaks of the situation. Only four days after this game that can actually be won and walk for Australia match ahead of the matches in the group – a dispute with Jordan Harry Redknapp, who is very close. It would be too stupid if Australians do not preserve their power precisely this clash, and “knife” the already desperate team Tadzhikistan.Tozi handicap looks like an excellent option for this meeting. Tajikistan loses his meetings, but so far it does with head held high and a difference of not more than 3 goals.

South Korea – Lebanon 2 (+3.5 Asian handicap) (odds. 1.27), result  1:0.

South Koreans already guaranteed a winning group once built an advance of 8 points against Kuwait and Lebanon, and by the end there are only two matches for each team. They kept the net clean in each of the 6 matches from the beginning, but we may have some volatility in the protected term. Lebanon scored 11 goals in the same period, but this statistic in this case can not be objective because as 7 of them were in a meeting. However, they still have a chance to reach finished the second position and are hoping for a historic moment in football history. South Koreans will act calmly, without tension, without undue harnessing the meeting and nothing will increase your bill by 3 points earned futile way.

Estonia – Norway UNDER 2.5 (odds. 1.50), result:  0:0.

Estonians flashed in previous European qualifiers, but then fell into the last possible hole. They can not show even half shown in 2011-a year and look totally disillusioned. Problems with the celebration of hits are obvious and perhaps to improve the confidence of his players from the Federation team decided to appoint an extremely strange controls – first in Georgia and then by anonymous team of Saint Kitts Nevis End. The last inspection was far more serious in Estonia it revealed its true face as a fighter, achieving a prestigious draw with Sweden. Norwegians are in a series of three consecutive losses and are now foresee two friendly matches with teams from the north. Estonia after they come out against Finland, so you can give a chance to show a large percentage of his players. Weaknesses in front of goal are characteristic of these two national team and will hardly end just in this confrontation.

Turkey – Sweden UNDER 2.5 (odds. 1.60), result:  2:1.

Two of the prospective participants of EURO 2016 will tidy quality check about a month and a half before the big start. The Turks had to tremble until the last ranking, but eventually managed to fight for it and it still within the regular clashes. Avoiding barrages proved exceptional news for them. After the victory over Iceland surprisingly they were the best 3rd team and direct rankings they deserve. The Swedes, however, failed to avoid further tension, but ultimately did with him. “Red Dynamite” does not work against them and ultimately Ibra and company cheered. In the last matches Sweden became unusually effective, but still we will return to our true nature, mainly related to variations of the option “under” for goals (either 2.5 or 3.5).

Ukraine – Cyprus 1 (odds. 1.30), result:  1:0.

Ukraine accepts the favorite one of the weakest national teams in Europe in recent years – that of Cyprus. Both teams occupy different orbits, but due to some strange decision of the federations themselves will compete. Some of them are quite eager to strong performance of the EURO 2016 and the others continue again and again to rejuvenate its composition, hoping for better times. Curious what reason Ukraine has agreed to control with such lesser team, but the decision has already been taken. Here hosts will show why they are considered a huge favorite before the match and triumphed in the first option year.

China – Maldives 1 (-4.25 Asian handicap) (odds. 1.85), result:  4:0.

The Chinese lost one of the two major dispute so far – one with Qatar and now you can say that they have no chance to climb to the top. From here to the end of these qualifications should focus on the second position, which is well within the team, but to greet her must crush Maldives. Outsider seems doomed even before the start of the dispute, and with its 3 points in 6 matches can not hope for anything significant in qualifying. In the first match China won 0: 3, but here will pour his anger on opponents and will send him to knock down after searing victory.

Jordan – Bangladesh 2 (+3.75 Asian Handicap) (odds. 1.83), result:  8:0.

Harry Redknapp stay at the head of Jordan is characterized by persistent minor victories. The big battle for him and his boys will be in a few days when they go into a dispute with Australia in the first place. Bangladesh is desperate team that has only one equal in 6 meetings since the beginning of the campaign. Here the chances of something other than the loss of the guests are simply absurd. Although this option handicap goals in their favor seems like a wonderful choice in view of the main news that Harry Redknapp will give rest to some of its most important players, keeping them for rivalry with Australia.

Singapore – Myanmar UNDER 2.5 (odds. 2.25), result  2:1.

Qualifications in the area continue, but the program of these two teams was made so that you happen to have a holiday at the same time. They learned about playing this control to their help maintain relatively good shape. Hardly, however, this meeting could be of some benefit for both teams. Singapore lost chances ranking round before the end, but Myanmar has not even had any. They are such a team that has never considered among the favorites, so it is now. However, Myanmar will find the strength to pull the shield in front of him and defended skillfully, surprising Singapore.

24.03.2016 Australia Tajikistan 2 (+4.5АH)
24.03.2016 South Korea Lebanon 2 (+3.5АH)
24.03.2016 Estonia Norway under 2,5 goals
24.03.2016 Turkey Sweden under 2,5 goals
24.03.2016 Ukraine Cyprus 1
24.03.2016 China Maldives 1 (-4.25АH)
24.03.2016 Jordan Bangladesh 2 (+3.75АH)
24.03.2016 Singapore Myanmar under 2,5 goals

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