Messi put Ronaldo and Real on his knees (PHOTOS)

Classics, dramas, twists, nerves, rain of goals, red card … So we can define the match between Real and Barca. El Classico’s viewers witnessed a real football show that contained everything that could be seen in a real derby. The duel was also a special charge, as in a possible victory Barca returned to the championship title again.

Right from the start of the meeting, both teams were trying to take the initiative, which means we are expecting real world football. The two goalkeepers showed real skill in the goal of not allowing a goal in their own door. However, after 28 minutes of game time, they were awarded a penalty. 53 minutes into the match, the visitors broke through on the right after some poor defending. But she got into Marcelo, who centered, Barca’s defense tried to pull out quickly, but Ramos came out behind everyone. His shot met the beam, but with the addition, Casemiro was closest and opened the score. This brought ecstasy to the spectators of Santiago Bernabeu who were expecting more hits from the “white ballet”. That was not what Leo Messi thought. At 33 minutes he received the ball from Rakitic, technically overtaken Modrich and Karvahal, then technically played the ball past Navas for 1: 1. Shortly before the end of the first half, Zinedine Zidane suffered a second very heavy blow after Gantt Bale’s castigation got off and left the pitch.

After the break, he became even more strenuous, as the positions before the two doors followed one after another. In the 74th minute Rakitic got the ball on the border of the penalty area, fined a player of Real, and very accurately directed the ball in the upper right corner of the door of Navas, rising to 1: 2. Ronaldo responded with a shot of about 20 meters, but Marc-André ter Stegen was in the right place. Two minutes later, the hosts stayed with a lesser person after a direct red card was handed to Captain Sergio Ramos for a sharp arrival at Messi’s feet. The point of dispute could have been Pique, who would be right in the body of Real’s goalkeeper. 5 minutes before the end of his next center on the left of Marcelo, the put in reserve, Hamas Rodriguez, came out behind the defenders and a few meters was correct for 2:2.

It was obvious that the derby in Spain will not win a winner, and the difference between Real and Barca will remain 3 points in favor of Madrid, who have a less game. Just when everyone was expecting the referee’s last signal, Jordi Alba handed over to Messi, and the Argentine was very technically pushing the ball exactly where it was supposed to pass. So in the last second of the meeting he brought the victory and the three points to Barcelona.

In the standings, the Catalans are 75-point leaders as Real, but Zinedine Zidane’s players have one less match.

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