Germany Bundesliga 16-17.08.2019

Bayern Munich – Herta with FORECAST 2 (+ 3.00AH) @ 1.40, 2:2

Bayern Munich has kicked off something new, splitting off several of its iconic figures in recent years. The team is having a great deal of difficulty finding alternates on both wings, with one of those titles to be filled by Kingsley Coman and the other one still unknown by whom. The Bavarians had some weaknesses in their rivalry with Energie Cottbus a few days ago, and yet they came to a routine victory, which was the most normal thing in the world. Herta is a treacherous team and has repeatedly delivered great surprises. The blow to the guests was caused by the fact that their infirmary began to fill and already half a dozen players are in it. However, in some way they will be able to exploit the weaknesses in the game of the Bavarians and make it so that they can successfully counter.

Bayer Leverkusen – Paderborn with FORECAST OVER 2.5 GOAL @ 1.45

Bayer Leverkusen will make an early request to fight for serious achievements in the coming months. The Aspirins enjoy the presence of some of Germany’s greatest talents in their ranks, so in any case they will be a team that will gather more and more eyes if it keeps that freshness in its ranks. Paderborn continues to make constant transitions between different divisions in the country. Endlessly shaken, the team will be made of nothing by an opponent of such a high caliber. However, rookies in the First Bundesliga will have the opportunity to sign and will probably use it. The headline show will be initiated by the “aspirins” who will finally be able to get to a really positive start, sending them into their desired orbit.

Dortmund – Augsburg with FORECAST 1 (-1.5AH) @ 1.65

Borussia Dortmund took the first big derby with Bayern Munich and thus lifted the Super Cup. This victory was sorely needed by the young selection of Faver, who would surely be in the battle for the title. A few days later, his wards and the amateur Werdingen went into the cup tournament with 2: 0 and thus continue to be infallible. The opening circle for them is another case in which they are obliged to triumph. They do not rely on the injured Guerrero, Mori, Burke and Brand and yet have enough potential in their ranks to achieve a devastating victory. Their absences are minimal in number compared to those in the ranks of the opponent (who are about twice as many) – Amaral, Finbogason, Cordova, Max, Goetze, Saren-Basse Guaveleu and Framberger. With so many missing players, Augsburg will be just one person in the match to be blurred.

Freiburg – Mainz with FORECAST 2X @ 1.75

Freiburg is plagued with a lot of injuries that will affect the way the team plays. Out of his accounts for such an important first household are Iter, Gulde, Kubler, Teracino, Haber, Fleken and Kwon Chan-Hung. An overwhelming number of them have a primary role to play in the team, so with all these discomforts, Freiburg will be a very pale copy of itself. Mainz, like his opponent, also has several injuries, with Bel, Pierre-Gabriel, Seidel, Mwene, Matheta and Ji-Won Don joining this group. The last two are the most important of all in the Mainz injury group, and yet the team will find a way to play a very strong 90 minutes without them. Unsurprisingly, the bouquets give such a distinct advantage to the “zebras” of Freiburg, which will in no case feel the best possible way in this rivalry. In much of it, Mainz will be a more active team and will be worth finding his point asset.

Bremen – Fortuna Dusseldorf with FORECAST Goal / Goal @ 1.75

Werder has been endlessly spectacular to watch in recent months. The team has become one of the most established in the entire Bundesliga and very, very often delivered a real delight to the fans watching its clashes, most notably the incessant attacks it carried out. Over a very long period of time, the team also enjoyed breaking its everlasting record – scoring goals in the most consecutive duels. In this way, he will demonstrate what he can best do – to sign, in his first championship match in the new campaign. Fortuna Dusseldorf has played a number of similar football spectacles in the last year, mostly gathering glances thanks to the statements of its striker center – Luccebaccio. For the next time, this Fortuna team will be ready to play and will not escape the challenge at all.

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