Germany Bundesliga 09.11.2019

Schalke – Düsseldorf with FORECAST 1 (-1AH) @ 1.86

Schalke is increasingly looking in the right direction and is about to turn this into something completely normal. The team seized the opportunity to offer a serious salary to the many who had made good with Huddersfield Wagner, thus attracting him as a coach. The first signs of change are there, and this is exactly what many fans of “king-blue”, accustomed to the mediocre Tedesco style of recent years, need. At the end of his stay there was a great deal of tension in the ranks, as Schalke had played loose football for much of his history and was demonstrating something fundamentally different under the leadership of the Italian. The progress of Wagner’s “King Hair” will continue with another smashing triumph and an upward climb in the table.

Bayern Munich – Borussia D with FORECAST 2 (+ 1.5AH) @ 1.65

It is, in itself, very surprising that the Bouquets give such a huge advantage to the Bavarians to record a victory in this match. The crisis in their ranks is gigantic and encompasses every dimension. Separation with Kovacs put them in an infinitely difficult position, which does not show how they will come out in the short term, and this will crush them against the “yellow-blacks” in the big derby of German football. This is the moment of Borussia Dortmund. It will be real madness if the guests do not use it and allow themselves to be defeated. Who wants to make some extremely unusual prognosis, here’s the moment for one – such as a win for Dortmund. Borussia Dortmund have had their difficulties during the season, but lately they have not tolerated defeat, having climbed to second place in the table. With one triumph in this visit to the Allianz Arena, the team will be able to bring a lot of intrigue to the whole championship. Right here and right now Borussia will do it without losing, and the fact that the bouquets give such serious odds of + 1.5AX in their favor is even better.


Herta – RB Leipzig with FORECAST 2 @ 1.75

The Hertha Berlin team has a very big challenge ahead, as is Leipzig RB. Covic’s team suffered another stunning defeat a week ago when it lost to newcomers from Union Berlin 1-0 in the most painful way possible – after a goal in the last minute of regular time. Sebastian Poulter, who came in as a backup, got behind the white spot in the 90th minute and did not go wrong to bring the full set of points to his own. Thus, he introduced even more ambiguity in the ranks of the opponent. That late goal in the match in favor of Union was well deserved, because throughout the match it was this team that was better placed on the field. Covic’s hert continues to act too timidly, and against a rival of RB Leipzig’s caliber will swallow a new noisy defeat. Nagelsman works wonders with his new team too, so it will be surprising if he doesn’t have to do it again.

Paderborn – Augsburg with FORECAST 1X @ 1.55

Paderborn accumulated a lot of failures on his account, and it was they who made it anchor to the bottom. The main obstacle for the team is that it collects a lot of goals in its door, and in the front positions also does not work at height. This is not something new for the elite rookie, even more so for Paderborn, who was considered a surefire outburst before the first round. So far, he has only 4 points in his asset by the end of the 10th round, and in order to save himself, there is simply a need for complete metamorphosis, which at this stage does not see how it will happen. This rivalry with Augsburg, which is the team with the second-worst defense after Paderborn, is the best possible opportunity to increase the point asset. The Baumgart boys are very aware of this and will take the opportunity.


Mainz – Union with FORECAST 1 @ 2.15

Mainz was smashed by RB Leitzpig in the last round when he lost 8-0. This is a very rare result in a clash with the German elite. This is a huge exception, which in no way reflects what happened on the ground. In any case, Mainz was the weaker of the two teams, but he certainly did not deserve to have such a numerical expression. Against Union, which is one of the weakest guests in the league, will resort to the other extreme and return to the winning path. Just for this match, what will surely stop a great deal of those predicting a final exit from looking at a home win is that Mainz is in a very serious win-loss series in every two neighboring appearances on his own pitch , and in the event that Cologne is required in his last such appearance, he should lose against Union. Finally, the team will end this series and record another home win for the first time this season.

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