Friendly games, national teams 25,26.mart.2016

Luxembourg – Bosnia and Herzegovina 2 (odds. 1,40), result:  0:3.

Generally strange choice for control by the goalkeeper. They are a team that is experiencing perhaps the strongest moments in the history of Bosnian football, managed to greet historical ranking in the finals of World Cup 2014 and now have control provided by one of the weakest national otbori.Meko said it is strange decision, but it will enable Baydarevich to test experimental composition. Hardly even if it would alleviate the situation of struggle. Class of Bosnians is really huge, but they still can not reconcile with the fact that they will miss the upcoming evropeysko.Edinstveniyat problem about their composition before this meeting turned out to be associated with the flight of some of the leading players. In view of the situation in Europe due to security measures have quite aircraft being blocked and this led to extra nerves for some of the boys Baydarevich. Dzeko, Zukanovich and Dulevich were affected by the unpleasant news, but it will be available in the experienced mentor. I can not imagine that there is a way in which Bosnia and Herzegovina to stumble against despair team of Luxembourg.

Slovakia – Latvia 1 (odds. 1,30), result:  0:0.

Trnava will see their favorites of the closeup. The boys of Jan Kozak will argue with Baltic rival in the person of Latvia. At first glance, an easy meeting, which should win without too much effort in view of the great glamor in the ranks of domakinite.Imenno they are one of the 24 national teams that will soon see the finals of Euro 2016. Gradually Kozak will must distinguish the holders of its reserves and selected the dobroto.Sreshti as this would help him to see which of his players can count. Guests can not be compared with individual brilliance in the ranks of the opponent. Also, they will not be part of the EURO 2016, which is quite understandable in view of the fact that in recent years their performance under any kritika.Mega-star keeper Marek Hamšík will run wild and provide a typical success for confidence against a team that is visible from a lower level.

Portugal – Bulgaria 1 (odds. 1,33), result:  0:1

In Leiria will play another check of the Portuguese, who in this case had a rival “tricolor”. Not izvestsno to what extent this would help check the home because they have several classes over home internationals. Attitudes before that meeting for a complete rout and rightly so. People of Fernando Santos need just beat in such meetings. The more expressive you, the better for them. They would not have given up on earning extra confidence slightly before the start of EURO 2016. Needless here to do an analysis of the individual, because no matter how unpleasant it may sound hosts have total supremacy. Perhaps the heaviest result that will be obtained will be explained precisely with it.

Netherlands – France X2 (odds. 1,29), result:  2:3.

Just see the names of these two teams can talk about supreme dispute opposing players from the top level. If we distance ourselves from what happened in qualifying, it would not be surprised expected to be in the final of EURO 2016 to see the Netherlands and France in direct dispute, but back in reality it should be noted that “tulips” failed to qualify . Their failure was noisy and was seen around the world – mad happens, 3rd in the world is actually outside the best 24 in Europe. French develop their large-scale project, which soon may put them at the top in football on the continent. They have great individual brilliance that decides disputes just as forthcoming. The last inspection was conducted with severe result – loss of England, so that they can not afford to allow a second consecutive defeat shortly before the domestic championship. Boys Deschamps will forget about the failures and not lose his visit to the “lowest land”.

IRELAND – Switzerland 1X (odds. 1.53), result:  1:0.

Ocean’s Martin O’Neill gave a proper presentation skills and become one of the 24 teams ensured their place at the European. Once again EIRE is involved in drama and unnecessary problems, but ultimately in this case out as the winner, disappointing Bosnia and Herzegovina barrages. As if fate knows his job and his back to the islanders, who some time ago were harmed exactly barrages after a disgraceful performance of Henry hand to their detriment. Completing an exceptional way to the group stage just paved their way to the finals of Euro 2016. Here they will compete with a team with similar characteristics and a similar situation – another future player in the big tournament this summer. “Crusaders” make many changes in its composition that are characteristic for Petkovic, and this will open the way to success for the Irish, who will not allow the opponent to leave as a winner from Dublin.

Chile – Argentina 2 (odds. 2,40), result:  1:2.

The last two games did not follow the taste of the owner. Mediocre results are about “them eat the head” and leave them outside the major battles on the football fields in Russia after two years. New defeat would undermine the very serious Chileans who already have lost much of their self-esteem after they carried away goals 3 goals in Uruguay, and the sound of that slap echoes still. Argentines go to this visit with all the best, but with only one win since the start of the campaign. They can not afford more mistakes and must leave from neighboring Chile with a victory, otherwise put on the map ranking for the World Cup.

Brazil – Uruguay 1 (odds. 1,55), result:  2:2

Despite its huge disappointments in recent years Brazilians continue to enjoy a very serious respect among football fans. Whatever happens, they are still one of the biggest favorites for winning medals in every tournament you participate, either globally or just Copa America. Resume Brazil’s Dunga played some strong games since the start of yet another stay of the specialist, but conceded some disappointments. 2 wins in 4 games is not an asset that appeals to fans of the “Cariocas”, so they are obliged to win the dispute with ‘Urus’. On the pitch we will see an extraordinary friendship composed but parts of two teams – Suarez goes against Neymar. So far “Urus” many times more stable than the mansion Brazil, but the status quo will modify more after this dispute. Neymar will rejoice, and his Brazil will come closer to the top.

Guatemala – USA 2 (odds. 1,33), result:  2:0

Guatemalans go in search of a miracle against the United States. The difference in class is from earth to heaven, but the rate of success of the guests seemed decent. In recent qualifying campaigns they have a stock of errors quite rarely exceed 2. So far made one, but hardly afford two. The other two teams in this group are St. Vincent and Trinidad and Tobago as a major rival to the top of the “Yankees” turns precisely second mention. Somehow Trinidad and Tobago managed to keep class selection of the US, but is unlikely to do so in the rematch. It is not excluded if from here to the end of the campaign “Yankees” did not lose a point. The meeting with Guatemala is one in which under certain circumstances could lead to a new loss of points, but it is unlikely it will happen now.

Canada – Mexico 2 (odds. 1,36), result:  0:3

Before the start of the group was clear that “the Aztecs’ will qualify and what is about to happen long before the last meeting. From the beginning all teams played 2 clash, and Mexico already has an advance of 5 points compared to the third position. The first two teams qualify at the end, so from now you can say that Mexicans can tighten trunks to Russia. Canada is the only team in their group, who somehow can make them difficult, but even here the hosts will collide with the driver in the group and will be blurry. Since the beginning of the group Mexico defeated El Salvador first, and then Honduras. Now comes the victory against Canada, which can be shaped and hat-trick “Aztecs”.

El Salvador – Honduras under 2.5 goals (odds. 1,52), result:  2:2

After this round in group B may become interesting. If El Salvador somehow deal with Honduras and Mexico do its job and beat Canada, it now hosts the meeting can enter the top. On the agenda for them is winning three points with Honduras – treacherous rival who has experience even at the highest level. Before the start of the dispute define many chances for both teams to win a fully aligned, which means that in any event there will be intrigue. Honduras is looking for his first point, but no doubt only three can return to the team in the fight for second place. Two of the resultant lower teams in the area compete and any other outcome than those with low performance would be sensational. El Salvador and Honduras had a period of nine years between 2000/2009, which played 9 matches and each finished with 0, 1 or 2 goals.

25.03.2016 Luxembourg Bosnia-Herzegovina 2  0:3
25.03.2016 Slovakia Latvia 1  0:0
25.03.2016 Portugal Bulgaria 1  0:3
25.03.2016 Netherlands France  2:3  
25.03.2016 Ireland Scotland  1:0
25.03.2016 Chile Argentina 2  1:2
26.03.2016 Brazil Uruguay 1  2:2  
26.03.2016 Guatemala USA 2  2:0  
26.03.2016 Canada Mexico 2  0:3  
26.03.2016 El Salvador Honduras under 2,5 goals  2:2

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