Friendly games, national teams 24.mart.2016

Denmark – Iceland  – over 2.5 goals (odds. 2,15), result:  2:1.

Danes miss Euro 2016 and even now will start building a young and promising team in search of a strong performance in the upcoming qualifiers for the World Cup 2018. This would mean that there can expect some fluctuations in their presentation, but still for rival They are perhaps the most progressive national team in the past year. Iceland surprised many experts with phenomenal performance during the qualification cycle and ensure their place in the finals in France. Even more interesting it is that this team outplayed and ultimately defeated them most of their rivals are not protected, but with an attack. The attractive style of play, “Islander” has turned them into a real discovery, but hardly they will betray its active operations until the end of the forthcoming European. This approach brings them success and a change right now can be detrimental to the chances of the team for a positive performance in France. After so many positives, however, is the time to mention the negatives for guests who after qualifying for EURO 2016 began to act very divided as their biggest problems are related to the presentation defensive. The permeability of protection reached exceptional levels by an average of 3 goals allowed in the last 5 matches and it would be a huge surprise if just here lead to an improvement in this indicator. Given the style of “islanders’ attitudes are once again attractive meeting with their participation, garnished with a lot of hits.

Wales – Northern Ireland – under 2.5 goals (odds. 1,50), result:  1:1.

Wales accepts Northern Ireland “Cardiff Stadium” in a fraternal derby. Until recently, these two national teams were not very popular, but last year walked the path from the bottom to the top and fell on the big stage. Co qualify for the finals of Euro 2016 says it all, and we add that to them with guaranteed place in France greeted the traditional participant of the big leagues – England, as well as Ireland, it certainly can not speak for “bloom teams from Britain. ” As a common feature between Wales and Northern Ireland should be noted the fact that last year supported low-scoring and rarely recorded more than 2 goals a meeting (even against teams of Andorra, San Marino and Liechtenstein). Exactly this is the main reason why you will look at low-scoring match between them.

Italy – Spain – over 2.5 goals (odds. 2,35), result:  1:1.

About two months before the European Championship will see another intriguing clash, opposing major football powers. In recent years, Italians have declined as limited success to a minimum, but should not be written off so easily the forthcoming European. If they perceive them as a “sleeping giant”, it undoubtedly their upcoming opponent is the most prominent national team over the past 10 years. Phenomenal achievements of Spaniards linked by winning two consecutive European titles between them and the world will remain forever recorded at the forefront of their history. They will go to France as acting champion of the continent, but if you understand the composition of their will understand that they have a lot of problems. Vicente Del Bosque continues to make rotations and seek optimal choice, and this will give serious chance of the Italians to take advantage. To date, it’s just a control for both the team and they will try to achieve not only a good result, but at the same time to please his fans. The high performance is perhaps the best opportunity to achieve the latter.

Greece – Montenegro – under 2.5 goals (odds. 1,50), result:  2:1.

The wonderful “Georio Stadio Karaiskaki ‘hopes finally to see the performance of their own. It has not happened a lot of time now, but if one of the largest downs in football history of Greece happened precisely during the last year – in the qualifying round for a place EURO 2016. Before his team was the leader of his group ( during the draw placed in the first box) but eventually came to an extraordinary precedent finishing last 6th position even after the team Faroe Islands. Hardly soon Football Greece will see something shameful, so at least this news can act soothingly local fans who continue to hope the European champion of 2004. finally recover. It will have a rival in the upcoming clash team that has a minimum experience of such a high level and far can not boast the success of “Greeks”. However Montenegrins have a serious set of individual qualities that allows them to think about something bigger. However, they continue to experience difficulties with the celebration of goals and that’s what I expect to fail in the upcoming competition.

prognosis result
23.03.2016 Denmark Iceland 1  2:1  
23.03.2016 Wales Northern Ireland 1  1:1
23.03.2016 Italy Spain 1  1:1  
23.03.2016 Greece Montenegro goal-goal  2:1

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