Friendly games, national teams 23.mart.2016

Croatia – Israel – 1 (odds. 1.33), result:  2:0.

“Chess players” launch a major campaign about preparations for EURO 2016. They do not have much time left until the start of the great forum, so we have to optimize your actions and assembled composition. One of the few bad news for their coach – Ante Cacic is associated with injury to Ivan Rakitic, who dropped out of the composition literally at the last moment. Luka Modric does still under serious question, and Josip Pivarich and Marco Pyatsa remain firmly out of the accounts of the home – both are permanently injured. These problems of Croatia not look anything against the background of what is happening in the opposing camp. The last official meeting of Israel was at the end of qualifying for Euro 2016. Already half a year no team recorded one minute in a game situation, while still without a permanent coach. The situation seems critical for the guests and the lack of match practice will give its negative impact on their performance at the “City”. “Chess players” are a class above their opponents and would be a huge sensation if you do not checkmate.

Romania – Lithuania – 1 (odds. 1.36), result:  1:0.

The progress occurring in Romania, affecting many areas, but it seems that football is one of them. After many unsuccessful attempts the team made a big step, returning at the highest level. Qualification for the finals of Euro 2016 in itself is a great achievement for Romanians, but they will try to continue its rise and impress with good performance and on French soil. After playing the qualifications they managed to build a series of 14 consecutive matches without defeat allowed (which continues today). Adding dramatic draw with Italy (2: 2), the series the team reached an impressive 15 consecutive matches unbeaten and on top of that there are huge prospects for it to continue. The upcoming opponent is completely surmountable here Romania may consider 16th consecutive collision occurred without loss. Interesting news about the composition of the home are associated with dropping out of the group of Kipchiu Maxim and Cristian Tănase set. However, even Florin Tănase received a surprise call-up. The most curious move by the breeder of the home – Iordanescu is that deprive the services of a class striker like Kipchiu. In his absence hopes to celebrate the hits are related to the presence of Bogdan Stanchu and Claudio Kesheru in the foreground. Guests go to Romania without much thought for the attack. They selected only two strikers in extended composition, which clearly talks about their intentions. It seems that in this meeting Romania will take control and will once again be on the winning side.

Slovenia – Macedonia – 1 (odds. 1.45), result:  1:0.

In this dispute Slovenia households of one of the weakest national teams in Europe, as is that of Macedonia. These two teams could be seen as complete opposites. At home and Slovenia is a team that is favored by the presence of top players, but nevertheless proved able to demonstrate progress. Third position in qualifying cycle for EURO 2016 “inspires” the team and gives occasion to think of something more serious in the future. Undoubtedly dropping the barrage hurts a lot, but on the other hand Slovenians took a valuable lesson. Their leader – Milivoje Novakovic was quite close to that put up their place in the finals, but ultimately failed. Now Slovenians have the opportunity to start a new winning streak and will be surprised if we do not do so. Guests have the personalities of the middle class, but it seems that the problems in their team no consequence. If the team just does not know how to stand on the field and to provide adequate resistance to over 90% of its rivals. The results speak for exactly that – one win in their last 12 official meetings as it came against Luxembourg (3: 2). Even more unpleasant for the team it is that not only results, but also demonstrated by him football is frustrating. Within the last nine years this mediocre squad has recorded only 3 wins in official collisions they are against “football dwarfs” – Luxembourg and Andorra (2 times). Even more unpleasant for guests that never fail to put an end to disappointments. Hardly deep their dream will end right here rather Slovenia to reach the expressive victory and deepen the crisis in the ranks of the Macedonians.

Poland – Serbia – goal-goal (odds. 2.00), result  1:0.

Polish troops go in search of another victory, this time against rival shaken, as is Serbia. Compelling “Polish band” conceded only one defeat in the last qualification cycle (and Germany) as completely naturally stamped visas for France in next summer. This team has the data to become one of the pleasant surprises of the upcoming European, but this needs to stabilize its performance in defense. Namely the holes in his defense led to cashing hits in their door for a period of 6 consecutive meetings. Even the newly formed team of Gibraltar failed to score in the door of Poles, which is not a good sign for the actions of people Navalka in defense. However, their attack is more than brilliant – Lewandowski, Millikan and “Cuba” Blashchikovsi built an excellent trio capable to surprise even the most stable opposing defense. Whether the Younger team of Serbia will be another victim of the “murderous Polish trio”? On the starting lineup of guests the most interesting news is related to the signing of Liverpool – Marko Grujic, who is nearing debut and similar chance will receive a number of players. New coach Radovan Curcic a clear statement that it will rely on many young talents, products of local schools. He called many players from the national team of the country to 19 years of age and an application that will build a solid composition in the long run. Curcic of youngsters will find themselves unable to counter, but enough to overcome once Wojciech Schezni. To the other door “Euro” will become the protagonist and will hardly fail to overcome Vladimir Stojkovic.

23.03.2016 Croatia Israel 1  2:0  
23.03.2016 Romania Lithuania 1  1:0  
23.03.2016 Slovenia Macedonia 1  1:0
23.03.2016 Poland Serbia goal-goal  1:0

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