France League 1, 38 Round, May 20, 2017

Angers – Montpellier with FOREVER Over 0.5 goals

Match without any significance to any of the two teams. Caught hand, they stamped their survival, and from there everything was irrelevant. Angie had his moments of difficulty in the campaign and managed to overcome them to reach the 13th round before the end. Still, the team is able to climb to 11, and the three points against Montpellier would give it a green light. Whatever the guests do, they are the 15th. Despite the lack of good prospects, they will be competitive and will not give the opponent’s full score just like that. In one such match, a prediction of the first goal is among the top selections.

Gingham – Metz with PROGNOSE GOL / GOL

Medium rivalry, which will still have something to appeal to the football fan. For the last few campaigns, Gingham is one of the awkward hosts even for the strongest teams in the league. More often, however, the team collapses just against mediocre opponents, like Metz. The newcomer made the miracle, and after so long spent in the “twilight zone,” he got out of it and headed for the “golden environment.” For the time being, he will unleash his firepower and find his way to the enemy’s door while also collecting the campaign.

Lille – Nantes with PROGNOW under 2.5 goals

Lille’s team up to the last possible round remains one of the most unpredictable. It is very difficult for him, and more precisely, his matches to be predicted on the basis that once the team is stunning, plays in a stunning way and wins, and even the next week there is no memory of it, losing even with a big Difference. Nantes is about to put the icing on the cake with his 7th place on the table. Only the three points will guarantee it, and a point or a loss will open a chance for Rehn and St. Etienne to overtake the “yellow”. These two teams are already feeling fatigued, and it will fail them in the effort to make a show with each other.

Lorienne – Bordeaux with FOREIGN CALENDAR 1

There was also the moment of the most important clash in the host campaign. Just two months ago, their critics had already tightened their luggage in the direction of League Two, and Lorien did not succumb to it and rose from nothing to climb to 18th. It will not lead to a direct fall but will leave the door to League 1 seriously open because the future of the team would be determined by a playout with a team from the second division. Lorien’s desire is still to triumph in the final round, and with the full-point score bet, it is quite possible to overtake at least one of Kain and Dijon, which would also mean a safe salvation. Bordeaux is the 6th and still somehow overcame the Marseille team and seal their participation in LA. The old weakness of the team in the game away from home will fail and Lorienne will fall into ecstasy.

Lyon – Nice with FOREVER Over 2.5 goals

A great spectacle is formed in this match between Lyon and Nice, two of the most offensive teams in the league. The three consecutive triumphs for their hosts stamped their fourth place, sending them to the LE and the next campaign. In each of these cases, they both realized and collected goals, which is an indicator of the spectacular football they are confessing. In addition, in 5 consecutive rounds, their stakes are over 2.5. In this respect, Nice has some regression that will be caught up against Lyon. The team of the guests is tormented by the full infirmary and for this reason is left second in this visit. Still, the predicted spectacle will take place and the goals will roll one after the other.


Marseille – Bastia with PROGNOSIS 1

Marseille slipped to 5th in the table and the Europa League standings were more than mandatory. It will only come if the team triumphs in the last round of the campaign, which is very likely. On the basis of the weak opponent – the penultimate in the table, as well as the rise in his own performance, the home team has every reason to hope not only for a victory, but a very expressive one. The sleeping giant woke up in a very important period of the campaign to overtake Bordeaux and hold the fate in fifth place at their feet. Marseilles will not get tired of a conductor, stamping the euro-participation.

Nancy – Saint Etienne with FOREIGN CALENDAR 1

Nancy no longer has a theoretical way to reach a direct survival but can still get to that via a playout. Such a scenario is very difficult to achieve, requiring the development of three rounds of the final round only to the taste of the team. The victory against St. Etienne is on the agenda, and only then comes the expected losses of Bastia from Marseille and Lorienne from Bordeaux. If he comes to solving this rebellion, Nancy is the 18th and will come out against the 3rd in League 2 in playoffs. St. Etienne remains in the upper half of the table and after two consecutive defeats he has a total demoralization that will affect the game against Nancy.

PSG – Canoe with FOREVER Over 2.5 goals

The argument at the bottom of the table has become scarcely tied, and that is not the case at all. PSG has experienced the big disappointment in the last few rounds when it realized that the title is already out of reach of its capabilities and will be able to hope for winning it, but only in the next campaign. Caen is the first team over the “Twilight Zone” and defeated PSG in the Park de Priès to secure his survival. Such a scenario, however, is at least among the most feasible. Parisians took Bastia and St. Etienne in the last two rounds with 5: 0, and as nothing against Cain can continue their series. Once again, the goals in a PSG match will be scary.

Rehn – Monaco with FORCE 1X

Rehn enters the 9th round, and if only symbolically, the team’s desire remains to overtake St. Etienne and Nancy. The completion of either of these three positions does not make any difference, as the question is fundamental to bringing joy to the fans. There will be no better way to do such a thing than pulling out a very strong clash against the new Monaco champion. Who knows when was the last case in which the Monegas did not triumph. In the previous round, they picked up the title and returned to the glorious times. The campaign for them is over, and it will be obvious to Rehn.

Toulouse – Dijon with FORCE 2X

A fateful clash for the Dijon guests, who were a novice and had a long stay in the “Twilight Zone”. Just before crossing the finish line, they got out of there and are about to stay in a very good position. Triumph against Toulouse will seal their place in the elite and the new season and all this reveals how important the next clash is for them. Toulouse is in 11th place, the only gloomy aspect for the team is that if you lose to Dijon, it is quite possible to regroup with up to 3 seats, which would mean up to 14th. The newcomer, who usually goes for one of the weakest guests, will overcome his usual skills this time and seal his survival.

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