France League 1, 03.11.2019

Bordeaux – Nantes with FORECAST 2X @ 1.57

Nantes stopped shining and climbed to second place before the start of the round. And all this without having a player in the team, who is said to be top-level and earns points for his own. Nantes’ progress was evident, and he was even more serious before the two consecutive defeats came recently. The pause for the national teams came just like the order for the team, which after that will come back much stronger and will erase the defeats of Metz and Monaco by 1: 0. Bordeaux is shaky and at the other extreme after having had the opposite series – two consecutive defeats, followed by a triumph against Dijon. The big sensation came from the fact that the Portuguese Girondins coach Pedro Sousa left the big star in his line – Francois Camano on the bench. Another recent shooter, Nicolas De Prieville, found himself in the same situation. Bordeaux is in a state of crisis which will continue beyond the end of this round.


Nice – Reims with FORECAST over 1.5 goals @ 1.50

Nice never finds a way to victory, but weaknesses come one after another. Already in 6 consecutive clashes the team does not know what it is a victory and half of them did not even sign. This includes the control meeting with Lausanne, played in the middle of the month. Vierra’s team lost much of their brilliance in attack and this is obvious. He still plays loose football, betting on only three defenders and yet rarely finds a way to score goals. With Dante at the center of defense, it’s not surprising that the number of goals scored is so serious. Reims is on the crest of the wave as he climbs to 4th place in the table and enjoys football. Gion’s boys have accumulated a serious point asset and will once again allow themselves to break up their game and play with their opponent, which will also make this clash enjoyable to watch.


Saint-Etienne – Monaco with FORECAST Goal / Goal @ 1.61

The Greens are getting closer to permanently dropping out of trouble. The appointment of Puel has made them a much more serious team, as they do not know for four consecutive games what the defeat is. They had a much greater chance of winning more than their recorded 2 wins and 2 draws, and yet the upswing is obvious. In a very short period of time, the new coach has been able to transform them, and their distinguished way of playing will be available against the “Monagas”, which in turn are among the most unpredictable teams in the entire championship. With very strong players in their ranks, for a long time they were even in the area of ​​dusk, but finally found the right rhythm and congratulated themselves with four victories in the past five clashes. This is something that should only please them, and they will be betting on their football for the fifth time against Saint-Etienne. Such a match from everywhere foretells that it will become a football spectacle.

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