Europa League, April 18, 2019

Napoli – Arsenal with FORECAST Goal / Goal @ 1.65

Arsenal made the most important move to the semi-finals, and it was not just anybody’s, but Napoli’s shining team in a very chilling way. The Italians were a very pale copy of themselves, as within the Emirates 90 minutes they deployed a minimal amount of what they normally do. From the accumulated lag, they can hardly do anything more than somehow get to victory just in the revanch. Their rankings are rarely mentioned, and although the odds continue to fall from 5.50 after the end of the first match to 4.50 before the match, Arsenal is in a great position to finish the game. A goal in the Italian door will be a guarantee that the “gunners” will be among the semi-finalists, and after the already lost team of Chievo finds a way to write against the team from San Paolo, it is not clear how Arsenal with Lakazet and Obameyang will not do so.


Eintracht – Benfica with FORECAST 1 @ 1.80

Eintracht fainted loudly, taking four sound slaps during his visit to Portugal, and still ready for a fierce fight. The German team, like all the representatives of this country, will not be given without a fight, but will make frantic efforts to make a huge turnaround and not only to win the rematch, but to win all the rivalry. Eintracht has a terrible taste to score goals, and in a very large part of his matches during the season, he was putting early in the opposing door. Benfica has more and more goals in his door, and he has cracked in his attempt to keep his goal without a goal against one of the weakest teams in the whole country, Fayrenze , over the previous weekend . There is no way for the Portuguese to finish their visit to Eintracht without having to take the ball out of the net, but if the first goal in the match is allowed, the situation around whether they or their German rivals will qualify will become very unpredictable.


Chelsea – Slavia Prague with FORECAST Over 2.5 goals @ 1.80

Somehow like going on, Maurizio Sari’s team won their visit to Slavia Prague last Thursday. The English did not play the best of their football, and yet they had some great opportunities to do wherever they were. The main ones were revealed to Brazilian Willeman , who shot several times very close to the beam. On Sunday night, the “blue” retreated to their red-card visit to Merseyside , so their Top 4 rankings are again a serious question mark. They will have this desire to make a serious defeat to bring them back on the right track in the shortest time, and the House of Slavia Prague is a great opportunity for that. The Czechs are not a weak team, but their place in this phase of the race itself is a great success. Surprisingly, they will stay very well in front of Stamford Bridge and will even find a way to Kepa ‘s goal and the goals in the match will be over 2.5.


Valencia – Villarreal with FORECAST Goal / Goal @ 1.90

The predictions for a goal show in the Spanish quarterfinal opposition were fully justified. Valencia came out of it and managed to make two very heavy late beats, thanks to whoever came close to the next stage. The “bats” are in a significantly more favorable position and for their luck, this first clash of Europa League with Villarreal came just in the moment of serious fluctuations for the rival. A little later – Sunday’s e sledob he triumphed in his visit to Girona and so came to an infinitely important for themselves the success that got him out of the relegation zone and close to a lot of survival. So just a few days after, the Kayeh’s graduates will be transformed and ready for a new titanic battle. This match with Valencia will not be very different from the first, and the attractive football will be on a daily basis and the goals will be in both doors.

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