Europa League 15.082019

PSV Eindhoven – Haugesund with FORECAST 1 (-2AH) @ 1.85

PSV Eindhoven have accumulated a lot of negative emotions around themselves after the early elimination of the Champions League, disappointments in the rise of the championship and definitely the decline in the very way of playing compared to last year. The team is in dire need of a triumph, and there is hardly a moment in which to get a better opportunity to record one from the Haugesund household. The Norwegians continue to suffer huge breakthroughs in their defense and it will be a total sensation if they allow less than three goals in their goal in this match. This is such a clash that PSV Eindhoven will cover the goal line of over 2.5 and make a real spectacle of beautiful football for the fans. In this situation, the forecast for a home defeat of -2 AX is more than good.


Spartak Moscow – Tyun with FORECAST 1 @ 1.55

Spartak Moscow had an extremely dramatic game on Thursday night, and although it was forced to literally suffer this victory after leading by 0-2, it reached 2-2 and after Andre Shurle’s entry it was 3-2. This result and these three goals scored on the pitch allow the team to look confidently for the next phase of the race. The shortest route to his dismissal in this status quo is associated with the mandatory collection of two goals in the middle of Moscow, and just a team like Tyun is simply not able to do such a huge feat, and in addition to keep his door open without a goal, to qualify. This match will have some touching features with the one from the week before, the difference being that Spartak Moscow will be even more convincing in its actions.


Zorya – CSKA Sofia with 2X FORECAST @ 1.90

CSKA-Sofia made another decent match, filled with the thoughts of Lupko Petrovic and developing entirely according to his taste. His wards were ahead of the score early, allowing them to feel very comfortable, but not long before the most controversial moment in the whole match – a penalty for the Ukrainians – was reached. It came in infinitely contradictory circumstances, with most fans agreeing that the situation is very, very rarely judged with such punishment by the leading referees. Thus, a harmless situation resulted in a penalty shootout that was easily turned into a goal by the Ukrainians, with the final 1-1 bringing them closer to the next phase of the tournament. CSKA-Sofia has by no means wiped the white cloth, and in the return game with Zorya, in the midst of Zaporizhia, will deploy its best football.


Suduva – Maccabi Tel Aviv with 1X @ 1.90

For the first time in a long time, Maccabi Tel Aviv’s team looks so toothless in the front positions. He did almost nothing at the door of a rival like Suduva, who by no means passes for one of the strongest in the race. It was in this confrontation that one of the top sensations fell during the first matches of the third qualifying round. The status quo already built is such that Maccabi needs to score two goals in his opponent’s door to qualify, and this does not show how it will happen, although the bookies give a very good chance for such an outcome. Sudouva demonstrated very skillful football in the first game and definitely turned into a very, very pleasant surprise with what was shown. A week later, the team will be the same as his game, and all this will be paid off in the desired result – just to avoid defeat and make his way to the final playoff round to join the groups.

Strasbourg – Lokomotiv Plovdiv with FORECAST 2 (+ 2AH) @ 1.50

The Smurfs failed on Bulgarian soil and lost 1-0 to such a serious contender, but that does not end their hopes of ranking. The resulting status quo was one of the most normal things in the world after they were left with less ground in the 10th minute, and numerical inequality immediately gave the whole Strasbourg initiative. The French also scored the first goal in a duel, but still failed to increase their advance, and contrary to all expectations, Lokomotiv, even with 10 players on the field, started playing very good football and on several occasions was terribly close to equalize the result. Strasbourg is not nearly as scary for the Smurfs as many football fans have called it. With the status quo restored, even as a guest, Bruno Akropovic’s team will be even more ambitious in demonstrating what he is capable of, and will leave an excellent impression in this match as well.

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