Europa League 08.082019

Haugesund – PSV with FORECAST 2 @1.55

PSV are in staggering condition and there will be some more hesitant games in the coming weeks. The Dutch Grand has cracked a full three times in less than two weeks, disappointing with his loss of the Super Cup final in the country, dropping out of the most commercial Euro-tournament and getting away just a point from Twente’s visit to the first round. The Norwegians play a lot of spectacular football watching. In no case will they fall into deaf defense, but they will jump to compete with their class opponent. PSV, however, will be more than pleased with such an outcome as it is not one but several classes purely playable over its Norwegian rival and should easily win. Finally, the fall for the “Phillips” will end, they will play their strongest clash over the past weeks and set off on the path to victory.


Rijeka – Aberdeen with FORECAST 1 @ 1.66

Rijeka made some great matches in the past month. Ever since its first clash, the team has hinted that it will again be a scary factor in Croatian football and will fight for the title as part of the campaign. The blow of losing to local hegemon – Dinamo Zagreb in the Super Cup match was certainly painful, yet the team missed it and gained three quick wins. Rijeka scores more and more often, and when in such a rhythm, it becomes very difficult for any rival to counteract it. Aberdeen has become one of the biggest forces in Scottish football in recent years, and yet it still cannot be a major factor on the European stage. The team will be caught up in being seriously outplayed by their opponent. Rijeka will continue its brilliant streak and will mark the fourth consecutive win.


CSKA-Sofia – Dawn with FORECAST 1X @ 1.45

The townsfolk have already faced two opponents on the way to the groups of the race. Removal of Titograd and Osijek will certainly help them tremendously to regain their self-esteem and present themselves at an even higher level in the ensuing clashes. The Reds were stunned in several of their matches so far, cracking against Ether and the Black Sea, and the results have drawn a tremendous amount of tension in their ranks. Dawn is a mid-level team in Ukraine that relies entirely on its own staff to complete its starting lineup. He bets on Ukrainians, with only one foreigner in his ranks – from Germany. CSKA-Sofia will simply use its momentum from the last few weeks and in one way or another it will reach a wonderful tournament result, leaving no goal in its door and leaving for Ukraine as a favorite.


Lokomotiv Plovdiv – Starsburg with FORECAST 1 (+ 1.5AH) @ 1.50

The Smurfs have made some very strong matches, with Spartak Turnava’s 2-0 win in the top spot. In the return game they went through the circles of hell, but in the end they somehow survived a very late and all-important goal by Ozbolt, who also made the difference between the two teams, resulting only in a hit on a foreign pitch. Shortly thereafter, they were at a wonderful level in their Ludogorets household, becoming the first team in the campaign to halt the Eagles’ flight locally. The Plovdiv locomotive will by no means be involved in this dispute with Strasbourg. There are no two opinions as to who is better than the participants in it, however, the smurfs will be able to go beyond their usual capabilities and congratulate themselves on an excellent result from the first game. Strasbourg leaves for Bulgaria with the best available, but that doesn’t mean anything. It’s just that the team won’t have a day, and it will suffer against Akrapovich’s graduates.


Pyunik – Wolves with a FORECAST 1 (+ 2.5AH) @ 1.55

Armenian Pyunik is on the verge of the biggest challenge for itself for many years. It’s been a very long time since his last big match for him. There is only one line on which this team can come up with a big surprise, and it is caused entirely by the composition and desire of the opponent in this match. It is well-known that only a few days later the premiere season is set to start, and all the players at such a high level have turned their attention right there. These are not one or two typical examples of what happened and what noisy failures England’s representatives were experiencing right in the Europa League. The most recent such example is Burnley, who dropped out of the same race early and was impersonal in the months that followed. It will be too much to discuss whether Wolves will drop right out of Pyunik. This is in the realm of fiction. In this form and in this class of “wolves”, even if they crack in the first game, they will be flawless in the back and will smear their opponent. At least in Armenia they will still have some difficulties and if they win, it will be minimal difference.

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