Euro Qualifications 2020, 15.11.2019

Denmark – Gibraltar with FORECAST 2 (+ 5.5AX) @ 1.57

There is no way in the world that Denmark can compare to Gibraltar, at least as far as football is concerned. Red Dynamite has built a very strong generation and for many years has been part of major football forums, of major rivalries. Backing out of the top spot in the group is only a matter of worse performance in EYRE matches, but it is not to be overlooked that the Danes have fewer games played per game. Switzerland is also very close to them – just a point behind, so the group is very tight. The three points in this household are inevitable, but the question is how much, rather than whether “red dynamite” will win. Gibraltarians are less and less likely to lose with devastating differences, so it will be this time.

Finland – Liechtenstein with FORECAST 1 (-2.5AH) @ 1.57

A very, very big game for the hosts, not because of anything else, but because of the fact that it will seal them second place and a direct ranking for EURO 2020. The Finns have come a long way – from total failure to true upswing. Years after being one of the weaklings of the continent, they are next to the biggest. They have diversified their squad with a number of top-level players, and that just has to make them happy. Liechtenstein threw a sensation, winning a point against Greece, and shortly thereafter added another to its account – from the dispute with Armenia. These phenomenal accomplishments will end here and Finland will make one of the hitherto-usual Liechten selection breaks.

Armenia – Greece with FORECAST under 0.5 goals FH(first half) @ 2.75

A surprising prediction of a huge odds for this match. The group is already clear, everything in it is set, it just remains to allocate the 3rd, 4th and 5th place. They will be owned by Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Greece, and it will not make any difference to each of them which of the places in question will occupy. Neither of them carries with it either a EURO 2020 ranking or a bargain, so this is a matter of prestige alone. For a long time, the Armenians did not show part of their disappointing appearance. Increasingly, their clashes are accompanied by the scoring of many goals. Most of their last games have ended with over 2.5 goals and although the predictions are for an extension of this series, this will not happen. Finally, the team will be reminded of its shocking game as this match will not unleash any football merits and its players will go home with zero hicks at the break.

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