Euro Qualifications 2020, 14.11.2019

Turkey – Iceland with FORECAST under 2.5 goals @ 1.80

Such an important dispute between equal opponents. The Turks are making a big furore from the first round in the group by accumulating 19 points on their account and even ahead of the French team, surpassing it only thanks to their victory in direct competition. However, by the end of the group, there is a long time during which the status quo can change dramatically. This Icelandic host, against the backdrop and 4 points advance, will allow the Turks to seal their place in the EURO 2020 finals. This, of course, will only happen if they reach victory. In other circumstances, it is not excluded that they may remain overboard. The Icelanders have completed a super team that has repeatedly done well in such cases, and this one will be no exception. The goals in the match will be few.


Czech Republic – Kosovo with FORECAST 2 (+ 1AH) @ 1.60

The most important match for the Czech Republic and Kosovo teams, which is able to resolve the dispute for second place. Until recently, Kosovars were even more inspired by being in the seventh heaven as they hoped for the most favorable end to themselves in the last round – when they had an easy Montenegrin household and at the same time the Czechs were supposed to face England (where it was thought they would lose). Kosovo had to do so, but the Czech Republic did the same and did not make the ranking. A big blow to the hosts is the looming absence of their top star, Patrick Schick. Without him, they are a completely different team, and that is exactly what will allow Kosovo to come to the Dosan Arena, deliver high quality football and leave with a good result.


England – Montenegro with FORECAST under 3.5 goals @ 2.00

The British started making a lot of rotations in their recent clashes after it became clear that they had certainly qualified for the European finals. Southgate is one of the breeders who are giving more and more ground to showcase young talents with a national T-shirt, and so will Montenegro’s household. The superiority of the “three lions” in this match will be crushing, and it will only be up to the guests to take the game deep into their half. The real craziness would be to approach them in some other way and go out with their opponent, because in that case they would be seriously blurry. It is not visible how Montenegrins will find their way to the opponent’s door, so under 3.5 goals is the forecast here.


Serbia – Luxembourg with FORECAST 1 (-1.5AH) @ 1.57

The Serbs are among the most controversial national teams and this is not yesterday or today. Having such serious performers in their ranks is a real madness that they have never been able to become one of the leading football forces on the continent for so many years. Before the first referee of this match, they even have a difference between goals scored and goals scored by -1, which is an opportunity that, besides having the ability to send them to the other extreme, making their head a difference and returning them in the Top 2, respectively, in a position that will bring them a ranking for the EURO 2020 finals. Luxembourg is among the continent’s progressive teams, but overall it does not have the necessary players to stand up to Serbia exactly and as a guest. Finally Mitrovic and company will come to a rout that will bring the rhythm back to their game.


France – Moldova with FORECAST 1 (-3.5AH) @ 1.60

The French have assembled a true constellation in their ranks, which has led them to the desired destination – stepping onto the world football peak. Their successes have become very scary, and the fact that they have continued to bring news to their appearances lately is certainly a delight for their fans. Lately, they have been making it less and less common for them to have the same title lineup in two consecutive matches, so their rivals are in many cases surprised. Whatever the composition of this household of Moldova, they will be the leading team and will dictate everything that happens on the pitch. The opponent is staggering and hopes to be clean and simple not to be smeared with a serious head difference. France will be in the mood to have fun on the green carpet, will have a strong say and hope for a wrong step for Turkey, leading to a new change of leadership.

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