Euro Qualifications 14.10.2019

Iceland – Andorra with FORECAST 1 (-2.5AH)

Icelanders are part of a spectacular battle that is able to continue their rise. In the last few years only, they have been part of the finals of the biggest football forums, and at this moment it looks like they will remain overboard on the way to the final phase of the next European. It is very important for them to come to a devastating triumph that will bring them back to the right rhythm and allow them to be at their usual level in the biggest battles. This particular opponent is a complete shocker, who is increasingly losing with breaking differences. The Andorians are the weakest in the group and do not see how they will oppose or lose at all with minimal difference in their visit. The Icelanders will deploy their best football and crush their opponent.


Kosovo – Montenegro with FORECAST under 2.5 GOALS

Kosovars are considered favorites in this match, which is not surprising at all. Their game is getting better and better. For a very short period of time they have built a capable squad of nothing that is capable of opposing even those of England’s caliber. It turned out that the Kosovars came out not just anywhere but Wembley just to compete with this eminent opponent. Realizing not one or two but three goals in the opponent’s door suggested that they were not afraid of any opponent, even more so than those in the group. Montenegro is finding it increasingly difficult to find its way into the opponent’s door, and as a guest of Fadil Vokri, it will not make any change to the status quo. Kosovo will be at its height and will be the leading force in this match, in which the goals will not be many.


France – Turkey with FORECAST 1 (-1.5AH)

The strongest team in this group without a drop of dispute is that of France. The world title holder is playing better and better, and even the turmoil in the PSG ranks is not capable of disturbing the performances of top-class players. Mbape is playing better and will develop his qualities in this match with Turkey as well. This is exactly the match for the win of the group, so you can’t see how the “cocks” will fail. Bookies give some very good odds to record their win, but the odds are even better. The Turks have been at a good level since the start of the qualification cycle, and yet they have not had a test like this before. France will make the best use of its strengths, exert itself over its opponent and win the group somewhere here.


Ukraine – Portugal with FORECAST 1X

An important match for the top of the group who, like nothing, has the power to end the dispute. The Ukrainians are on an increasing level, and that they have pulled off the point of their visit exactly as a crushing favorite for the ultimate triumph in this company – the team of “sailors”, puts them in a whole new position. It is becoming more and more difficult and rare for the selection of Andrey Shevchenko to collect goals at his door, so that even with Cristiano in his ranks, the Portuguese will have difficulty in this endeavor. Their spectacular way of playing here will not be the way we are used to watching it. The fact that the defeat will take them directly to the battle for second place with Serbia and put their standings in the finals in doubt will surely affect them and will not allow them to develop their best football. It is astonishing that the Bouquets give such great odds that Ukraine simply does not lose that household which will send the team directly to the finals of the continent’s most powerful football forum.


Bulgaria – England with FORECAST under 3.5 GOALS

The tricolors are staggering for another qualification cycle. The game is under all criticism and early on they lost all chances of completing any of the first two places. England’s presence in the group, as the draw was drawn, made sure that one of the two mentioned positions guaranteeing a European Cup final was guaranteed for them. However, the native nationals had their chance to compete with the Czechs for second place, but that never happened. What is most disturbing to them is that their game is stunning without having any style that would lead them back to glorious times. The British will have a huge lead in this match, and for the “lions” will remain to defend themselves and simply avoid a devastating defeat.

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