Euro Qualifications 13.10.2019

Belarus – Netherlands with FORECAST 2

Belarusians, who are returning to their weakness at national level, have a really strong rival in this clash. The only positive thing for them will be that they play on their own ground – at the Dynamo stadium in Minsk. And this will not be able to help them so much as to throw a big surprise in this clash. Belarusians have been desperate since the beginning of this group and will be at the bottom of the group, ending only before Estonia. The Netherlands has fallen behind the top and yet there is still a good chance to look at the finals of this big football forum. The Tulips have accumulated not one or two failures in recent years, so they simply cannot afford another one. Finally, they will start playing the well-known brilliant football that they have been displaying for such a long time in the last decade and will enjoy such an important victory on this visit.


Slovenia – Austria with FORECAST 2X

Ljubljana’s Stozice Stadium will be the venue for one of the group’s two big matches of the day. It is so contested that the possibility of completing any of the first two places is available in front of four teams in it. The Slovenians do not have a figure that makes a difference in such matches by their own hands, and that will prevent them from being at a particularly good level in this match. However, they have several players who play at a very high club level. The spotlight is Illicic, who makes great appearances with Atalanta’s team. Austria crashed early in the group phase and accumulated a backlog, but still had a very good chance of securing the standings. The team is in a good streak and thanks to his excellent guest appearances that have allowed him to get points from his visits to Northern Macedonia and Poland, he will continue to advance in the standings.


Poland – Northern Macedonia with FORECAST under 2.5 GOALS

The Poles are not the football scare they used to be until recently. They continue to have players of high caliber, and the breakthrough of a representative of his native team – Ludogorets, represented by Yasek Goralsky in this squad, is truly stunning. However, the last few months have seen some decline in the ranks of the same team that has been dragged by Lewandowski for many years. Right at this moment, the big star in the squad has a very busy cycle and with his club team and certainly feels and some fatigue. He will not be at his usual level, the Macedonians will be ready to do anything to get the point out of this visit and will not be far from doing it. A very difficult team like Poland, which despite Lewandowski’s presence, is increasingly winning with a minimal difference of one goal, will be defeated.


Cyprus – Russia with FORECAST under 2.5 goals

For many years the Cypriots have been playing a football that in no way can bring them great success on the international stage. The lack of particularly classy players in their squad also leads them to play more defensively and defensively. It is very difficult for them to find their way to the opponent’s door, and against an opponent of the caliber of Russia, who smears rival after opponent in this group, they are unlikely to make any change in their ranks. The national team is very close to qualifying for the European finals, and the match against Cyprus will be another in which the team will be at the required level. Unlike the past few clashes, this one will not be at the required level in the forward positions and will be difficult to find a way to overcome the opponent’s defensive line.


Kazakhstan – Belgium with a PROGRAM under 3.5 goals

A match that will be similar to the one above. There are a lot of similarities between Kazakhstan and Cyprus, and between Russia and Belgium, with the difference that the “red devils” are at a slightly higher level than those of the team being compared to him. Nur-Sultan will be the football arena of this clash, in which the Belgians will have a clear superiority. The big blow to them was the injury of Kevin De Broyne. As has been seen at the club level, its absence is huge in the ranks of the City, and it will be even greater in the Red Devils. Without a proper substitute for such a brilliant football player, they will face serious difficulties in coming to one of their usual rout against such a weak opponent who is second to none in this group. However, Kazakhstan will limit the number of goals in this rivalry to a minimum and will not allow it to suffer total defeat.

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