Euro Qualifications 12.10.2019

Georgia – EYRE with FORECAST under 2.5 goals @ 1.50

Georgians have been moving forward and upward in football in the last year. Until recently, they were among the usual weakest teams on the “old continent”, but for the second consecutive qualifying round, they showed a pleasant to watch face. Their appearance is many times better and they have already adapted to playing at a high level in the defensive, with cases where they can be defeated are counted on the fingers of one hand. During these qualifications, this happened only once – in the visit of Denmark, lost by 5: 1. On its own ground, the team has not cashed more than two goals in its own door in one match for 15 consecutive occasions, so a very, very difficult exact AIRE, which is not at all among the continent’s coolest, will be defeated .

Italy – Greece with FORECAST under 3.5 goals @ 1.45

There is one giant failure in this group and that is the team of Greece. The Hellenes do not know how to get out of the crisis and appear to be at the bottom of this particularly strong group. The strongest team in it is undoubtedly the one of Italy, which is naturally in the first place. He is followed by Finland, Armenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and surprisingly, Bosnians are also not at their usual level and have fallen behind so much. The opportunity for the Hellenes to qualify already borders on the absurd. With only 5 points gained, they are terribly far from the top, where Italy is, and almost as far from the second place as Finland, which also carries the final stage of the race. With this stunning game, the only thing they will hope for is simply not to allow a devastating defeat on this visit and be able to do so.

Faroe Islands – Romania with FORECAST 2 (-1.5AH) @ 1.85

The headlights are at the bottom of Spain, Sweden, Romania, Norway and Malta, which is the most normal thing in the world. It will be very difficult for this team to be able to finish in a place other than its current one, not only in this qualification cycle, but also in the next few. He simply remains incapable of demonstrating any progress to elevate him and allow him to enjoy such a privilege. Romanians have been doing very well, having been part of the biggest battles of recent years. It is well known that the Spanish team cannot be eliminated from the first place. The Romanians will cling to a very serious rivalry with the Swedes for second place, so they simply have no right to make a mistake in this visit of the last in the group – the Faroe Islands, who allowed so many goals in his door. The Romanians will be flawless and will enjoy a key victory with a big difference.

Denmark – Switzerland with FORECAST 2X @ 1.65

This so weak group offered some very serious surprises so far. All three teams have perfectly balanced ranking options, so it is surprising in itself that, despite the home advantage here, the bouquets give some red dynamite superiority. He is infinitely dependent on Eriksen’s appearances, and Tottenham’s great talent is simply in a shocking series, so there is no way to show a different person in this case. The Danes will be stunning and the home advantage will be the only thing the Crusaders will excel in this match. The Swiss will continue their stellar performance. Over the last year, they have played a huge number of key games, which will allow them to feel comfortable in this case as well. Being a guest in this clash will benefit them and allow them to congratulate themselves on increasing their point asset.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Finland with FORECAST 1 DNB @ 1.53

Bosnia and Herzegovina is among the top failures of these qualifications. This is exactly a team that has grown tremendously over the last 5 years, and in the last two years has been a complete disruption. He has the same players who took him to the heights, and this will allow him to look back at them. So skillful is the team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who understands very well the importance of this household. This dispute is all or nothing for him. A different result from the victory will be a total failure for the Balkan team, which is already lagging behind its opponent. Receiving him at his stadium, he can not afford not to achieve victory. The Finnish are among the pleasant surprises in this qualifying cycle. Performances far from your own stadium are not at all good for them, so a new huge failure in this Bilino collision will be completely normal.

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