Euro Qualifications 11.10.2019

Montenegro – Bulgaria with FORECAST under 2.5 goals @ 1.61

You do not see how you are competing between these teams and you will come to a football spectacle that will impress you with many goals. If you want to get there, you can get to 5 rounds, finding them the weakest in this company of 5 selections. It is insane to even mention that one of them has something and has a chance of ranking. Just a few years ago, this Black Sea weather was very good on European football grounds, performing at a level and feeling significantly better. He is now the only one who will in no way impress the desperately native national period. This match will be infinitely mediocre as not only goals but also positions for putting yourself in it will be very, very few.

Turkey – Albania with FORECAST under 2.5 goals @ 1.70

The Turks are very good at this quality cycle, which is the passing of each successive round, requiring more and more classification. This is ruled out, after which there are ends of the 5 clashes that are at the top of the company of the world title holder – France, which has considerable activity but has new goods that it has come out in direct competition with our southern neighbors, lags behind everything, Be sure to stray for a long time that you can succeed in the qualification cycle and it will disappear if you are not ultimately listed with a lock rating that must exceed. Albanians are very strong when you have to ask for defensive play. Even against such a progressive opponent, they will be very good in this part of the game and will bring the game to development with few goals.

Iceland – France with FORECAST 2 @ 1.40

The French can be separated from the employee in the group phase, when this is the case, they can go to style to edit different results. The fact that they are visiting Reykjavik will in no case appear to be the slightest possession of their rights. You can feel in your world and not see the way you miss out on this important match against an Icelandic opponent. This is what connects and separates from the group, which is directly classified in order to get a better mood in the “roosters” mode, which is at this stage of access to Turkey. Their advantage over the third – Iceland, reproduction of 3 points, and further after the end of this clash, France will be able to seal the classification. This is from a completely different part of this page in Iceland and can be seen on Laugardalsfjolur.

Czech Republic – England with FORECAST 2 @ 1.45

The English are a total hegemon in this group and there can be no power in the world to stop them from ending up on top of it. The difference between them and all other 4 teams is from those to heaven. They have the advantage of 3 points that have to be eliminated by actually using these teams with radically different teams. Everything that has to be seen from the highest number of points to the highest level of length and of that has to “radiate a beam”. It should remain a superfluous match by little and if you win it you should turn to 6. this attack on the English, which he entertains for fun, does not see how he will handle it. This is that taking care of the match between the two leading teams for the top positions in the group is in the Czech Republic, in no way will help to reach a surprising outcome. England will be a total hegemon in this opposition and there will be no chance of their opponent, with somewhere here also predicting the ultimate winner of the group.

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