Euro Qualifications 10.10.2019

Kazakhstan – Cyprus with FORECAST under 2.5 goals @ 1.61

The draw with few goals is the one between Kazakhstan and Cyprus. Very often, for years, each of them has had huge problems facing the goal. The very way these teams play is such that it does not predispose to the introduction of an abundance of such teams, and this case will not be an exception at all. It will be no exaggeration to say that this match will have no role in shaping the final standings. The status quo in this group is such that after the end of the 6 duels Belgium and Russia almost guaranteed themselves the first two places with 18 and 15 points respectively, and the third and fourth – namely Kazakhstan and Cyprus with only 7. However, this will not particularly affect the participants in this rivalry, they will play in their own characteristic way and the goals will again be low.


Belarus – Estonia with FORECAST 1 @ 1.53

Belarusians, who are increasingly stagnant in football, have the best possible chance of themselves to record three points at a time. It was precisely Estonia that was considered an outspoken outsider in this group even before its inception, and forecasts are fully justified. After the end of the 5 matches, the team still does not have a point recorded on their account as they retreat from the other weakling in the group – Belarus and on their own land. It will be very difficult on this visit for the Estonians to reach a positive outcome. Their defense is like Swiss cheese with these 18 goals scored in 5 games. The series will be continued, Belarus will duplicate its success and yet it will remain very far from the places that carry the European finals.


Netherlands – Northern Ireland with FORECAST 1 (-1.5AH) @ 1.50

The Dutch have missed the last few major football forums, and their current situation is by no means glamorous. Having top-level competitors will certainly allow them to get rid of the shock they are in. The problems for them continue as after the end of the 5th round in the group phase, they are not in one of the first two places in the company of teams such as Germany, Northern Ireland, Belarus and Estonia. This is really sensational, but by the end there is still a long time in which the “tulips” will do what is necessary to blossom. Northern Ireland is their main opponent in the standings, if it is considered that the Germans will be the first in this company. Right here and right in this match, the Netherlands will be at a staggering level and will not leave any chance for the “Islanders” who will experience on their back the accumulated negatives in the opposing team.


Latvia – Poland with FORECAST under 3.5 goals @ 1.57

The Latvians will be forced to accept the game in their half and yet they will be comfortable in this opposition. For many years, they have been among the weakest national teams across the continent, even losing their mid-caliber team status. What they show in this group, which is the weakest in the whole qualification cycle, says a lot. They have not yet earned a point, scoring only one goal and allowing 21. With such a performance, their last place is tied in a towel. It remains for them to go to the Daugavas Stadium so that they will not lose by a huge difference from Poland. There is no match for this opponent, who has Lewandowski in his ranks, and only his transfer value is greater than that of their entire national team. However, somehow they will be occupied in front of their penalty box and avoid defeat in this clash.


Northern Macedonia – Slovenia with FORECAST 1X @ 1.50

The team of Northern Macedonia is getting better on the football fields in Europe. It evolves more and more with each passing week, and the athletes it has are more and more and more high-end. The National Stadium – in Skopje, will await the next big game of local pets, in which they should deploy the best and not only increase their point asset, but add 3 more points to their account. Writing a victory in this case is extremely important for the Macedonians, who are so far in fourth place in the 8-point table, with Poland, Slovenia and Austria ahead of them. With a triumph against a direct rival, they will surely regain their chances of qualifying. Surprisingly, the bouquets are completely written off, but right here and at their stadium, the hosts will be up to the mark and come to a positive result.

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