Euro Qualifications 05.09.2019

Armenia – Italy with FORECAST 2 (-1.5AH) @ 1.80

The Armenians were shocked at the rising of the group, giving way to the Bosnians and Finns. Somehow, they found a way to get back into the big game after two victories – over Liechtenstein and Greece. The most surprising thing was that they broke the Hellenes as guests and thus again have a very good prospect ahead, if nothing else, to at least secure themselves in the battle for second place. Before the start of the rivalry with the Italians, they were in third place, trailing third in the second – Finland. It is inconceivable that the Finnish team will be able to hold on to the position in question, so that with a good result against the squad, Armenia will be able to do something surprising. This will not happen, since the Italians are the undisputed top class in this group, they will easily beat another opponent and will retain their full assets with a new tiumph with a big difference.


Bosnia and H. – Liechtenstein with FORECAST 1 (-3.5AH) @ 1.90

Bosnians are one of the teams that have the most qualities in the entire group. To have cracked more than once, and twice within the previous 4 rounds, is certainly not to their advantage, but nothing will be overcome. It is unknown how, before the start of the 5 clashes, they are inferior to everyone between Italy, Finland, Armenia and Greece in points, at the same time surpassing only Liechtenstein, who not only has not yet won a point but also has not scored a goal. Bosnians are such a team that deserves to be much ahead of this group. The qualities of the team are such that it should be at least second in the final standings in this group. Now that there is a crushing lag behind the beloved favorite – Italy, that remains his main task – to finish second and hope for a triumph through bargaining. Bosnians will be flawless, deliver a football lecture to their opponent from Liechtenstein and reach their biggest victory since the start of qualifying.


Romania – Spain with FORECAST 2 @ 1.45

Romania’s neighborhood team has had some very good times in recent years. He continues to be carried on the back by Ludogorets central striker Claudio Keshero, who keeps stopping goals for him, but at the same time it is unknown how he is not a solid holder in his club team. The situation around this definitely quality goal scorer is very unclear and should nevertheless gain some clarity on his appearances, especially in his club team soon. He is infinitely valuable in his country and is an integral holder, with his goals bringing the national team to new and new successes. It was thanks to him and his skills that some decent results from the start of the qualifications came to fruition. Even he will not be able to do the miracle against Spain and help with something other than the loss. The La Fourier team has tremendously strong players in every position and will continue its march towards easily consolidating the first place in the group and directly qualifying for the EURO 2020 finals.


Israel – Macedonia with FORECAST 2 (+ 1.5AH) @ 1.35

The strong start for the boys of the Austrian coach at the helm of the Israel-Herzog team remained in the past after they were smashed by Poland in the previous qualifying round by 4: 0. This team, which plays a particularly spectacular football – with only one typical center-hitter in its ranks – will be very difficult to reach something memorable in qualifying. He doesn’t have many great performers in his lineup, though he still has one or two to boast about. The North Macedonians are a team that has many more players of higher caliber at their disposal, who compete in a number of stronger teams at the club level. This will surely make them spend a very strong 90 minutes against Israel, regardless of the fact that they will have to visit. The Northern Macedonia team is determined to continue its ascent and record one of its most important results in recent months right against Israel.


Ireland – Switzerland with FORECAST 1X @ 1.75

The Irish have done a number of wonderful things so far in the group phase. It will not be too hard to say that they have already done half their work on the road to the European Championship Finals. To their greatest regret, there is still so much, and undoubtedly the most important remaining rivalry will be against Switzerland at home. With the win in this match, Ireland will be able to pull a lot ahead of the “Crusaders”, who are also the main opponent for the first place. It is not clear, however, whether they will be inclined to act so open-minded or will be able to satisfy the point rather. Definitely, the Swiss will play for a win that, in this case, will turn the tide in the group stage. So far, they only have 4 points in their account, but a win on this visit will send them back in the role of a very serious contender not only for the second position, but also for the first. Ireland is serious

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