England Premier League, 28.09.2019

Aston Villa – Burnley with FORECAST 1 DNB @ 1.70

The Villagers team, which has only recently returned to the top level in English football, continues to look to acquire an increasingly serious point asset and avoid relegation. He made a huge step in the right direction only by expressing a strong desire to keep some of the top players in the squad, turning down a number of millions of offers to them. This is exactly how a team develops, so they will certainly not in any case be doomed in the battle for survival, as are their basic predictions. Burnley is doing very well here, but it is in this match with Aston Villa that he will clearly reveal an old weakness for the team, which is entirely related to his appearances as a guest. This way, the Villa Park pets will get new precious three points that will leave it on the right track.


Bournemouth – West Ham with FORECAST Goal / Goal @ 1.55

Bournemouth, which is infinitely spectacular in all its appearances, is less likely to make boring matches that completely disappoint fans of beautiful football, so you can’t see exactly how aggressive West Ham’s team is going to be. to some such denouement. Exactly these teams are among the leaders when it comes to total emancipation, that even for a portion of crazy actions at times. Eddie Howe does not mind getting into a real, complete football game, and having a coach like Manuel Pellegrini who has achieved everything in his career entirely thanks to attacking football, it is inevitable to end the game with Goal / Goal.


Tottenham – Southampton with FORECAST 1 @ 1.40

Tottenham’s grandiose failure, entirely due to the elimination of the last 32 phase in the League Cup tournament by Colisester, topped by Southampton’s stunning 4-0 victory in a straightforward Portsmouth visit to get a surprising outcome in this match is repeatedly magnified. Rarely do bookies hold odds of 1.40 for Tottenham’s victory and in the household against opponents such as the “Saints”, so they are simply not to be missed. He shuddered in an unprecedented way, and at least still retained the power of his top star Harry Kane. The latter was outside the group for the match with Colchester and just opposite Southampton will bring the necessary results. When confronted with an opponent of a radically different caliber than Portsmouth, the “Saints” will be raised and smeared.


Wolves – Watford with FORECAST 2.5 @ 1.80

A surprising at first glance forecast for the match between Wolves and Watford. Teams starting with W who have occupied the bottom of the table, like Fiorentina and Sampdoria in Italian football, will create a boring production. Until recently, it was thought that the “wolves” were almost on the verge of taking the next step – to compete with the leading teams and to be able to confront them more and more often in the long run. At least after this campaign start, it will be very difficult for them to stay in the big game of allocating top places within this campaign. They, together with their next rival, are the only two teams that have not yet recorded a win during the season, and this will affect them in one way or another. For the first time in a long time, Watford will be very skillful in his half and will reap some benefits by bringing the match to a few goals.


Everton – Man City with FORECAST 1 (+ 2.5AH) @ 1.37

Everton’s team, which is still extremely difficult to predict in which direction it will take, is heading for a really big match – the one with Man City. Caramel has accumulated two consecutive huge disappointments in their account after losing to Bournemouth and Sheffield United in the last two rounds, thus falling behind in the standings, but only a few days after the defeat by the Blades were able to return to the winning road, Sheffield Wednesday at the League Cup tournament. So they ended up in the top 16 in the race, and this will surely make them feel comfortable on the pitch and in the next game against Manchester City. The “Citizens” continued their skillful move with a third consecutive victory, which brought their head difference in this short period to 14: 0. It will be very difficult for Everton to resist in this match, but he will eventually do so. In none of his last 4 clashes with the “citizens” has the team lost by more than two goals difference, so it will be in this case.

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