England Premier League, 18.01.2020

Watford – Tottenham with FORECAST under 2.5 goals @ 2.00

Watford has had a very similar game to Pearson, and this is evident. The triumph over Bournemouth a week ago reached the area of ​​soundness for the first time since the start of the season. These are the 22 points that are being accepted at this point, go one over Aston Villa and such a “hornet” is already looking at the middle of the table. This is exactly what they have maintained in the true Test for the Spurs in recent seasons. So the Londoners won only one of the biggest 4 disputes with this opponent, and in the last case, which he faced, which came to a point after a deliberate equalizer goal in 86 minutes in 1: 1. Without Kane Tottenham does everything in order, and this will be repeated in this issue of the “hornets” dispute.


Norwich – Bournemouth with a FORECAST over 2.5 goals @ 1.80

The football spectacle this Saturday afternoon will be in the match between Norwich and Bournemouth. Once at the bottom of English football, they will understand the best of themselves, and this can only happen when looking at their usual football so far, including many offensives. Norwich suggests a goal after goal in his own door and it will be enormous difficulty to change just against one with a strong attack from Bournemouth. I do not know how the cherries, there are forces in the front positions, just trying to realize. I do not sign against any of Brighton, West Ham and Watford, who were 3 of the last 4 opponents. Goals scored in this match will be available.


Newcastle – Chelsea with a FORECAST 2 @ 1.55

Nukas really have a strong period, which has moved the team terribly forward in the table. This is something unrealistic that does not mislead his loyal fans at all. You know very well that you have to enjoy your loved ones, they are just enjoying a temporary upswing with the clear that the defeat will start coming soon. This is how it happens, and this moment is connected with more and more in the table, as it is only 5 points ahead of the dusk zone, so it is in no way good for him. This has been playing a lot of games lately, and his infirmary is overplayed, so Chelsea’s favoritism for success in this clash is not at all surprising. The Blues are already creating a new winning streak, and the triumphs over Nottingham and Burnley want them to look at something like that. Newcastle’s visit will also be included in this group.


Brighton – Aston Villa with FORECAST 1 @ 1.60

Potter’s team wins everything in a row, and against the backdrop of good football being split, this is by no means good for him. Finally, you have to find a super option to record three quick points so you just have to be free. And at what point does it discover which opponent is in the knockdown and just needs to be returned. The Villas were made to nothing and us by Villa Park last round when Manchester City smashed them 6-1. This is the least they got rid of in such a shocking collision. Days after a new goalkeeper accidentally appears in his line in Pepe Rayna’s face and there is this and he will not be able to stop scoring goals. Brighton will understand the best of the best of what should be used right in this key text and record one of your most important successes throughout the season.


West Ham – Everton with FORECAST X FH @ 2.20

West Ham has been a lot different since David Moise took the helm. The team you can play in the game half and complete your two nets with a dry net. This is very good on the pitch, and in the last 45 minutes of her visit to Sheffield United, when he appeared he did not collect a goal in his own door, but finally it happened. The Blades realized just minutes after the break, and that proved to be enough to win. Grow up will by no means appear on the “hammers” that will be parting with Everton against Everton. Caramel also marks the progress of Ancelotti’s appointment, as I suppose everything is a little nearer to my door. Exactly one match like this one will end at X of a break.

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