England FA Cup finals 1/32 (3), 8-9 january.2017

Cardiff – Fulham with an estimated over 2.5 goals

Cardiff can not do no good campaign and still play well in their stadium. This is precisely why the team is not in the relegation zone, provided that in general his results are not at all good. Fulham did something rarely allow – to step 2 of the previous 3 visits. Overall London team is not affected much by whether playing on their stadium, or away from it. In the upcoming case will show that it is strong at home and contribute to high performance.

Liverpool – Plymouth with 1/1 FORECAST

Surely there will be many interesting names in the starting lineup of Plymouth. It is clear that Liverpool can handle it with ease Plymouth, relying entirely on the second team. Maybe even third team in red will be able to beat this opponent. Youngsters of the home several times during the campaign received chances and can say that they used. Household Plymouth will be gaining valuable experience for them that will serve them in the future. The result here would be strongly in favor household as any intrigue will be liquidated by the end of the first part.

Chelsea – Peterborough with 1/1 FORECAST

Collision, like the one between Liverpool and Plymouth. However, this is the official debut for Conte in Cup football association, which in England is respected. Undoubtedly, the hosts will put effort into this race having already dropped out of the other bowl of the country and also not play in European tournaments. Peterborough will be subjected to crushing pressure, which can not meet and will allow very large goals into their net. The winner in this rivalry seems predetermined even before the first whistle.

Middlesbrough – Sheffield Wednesday with 2 FLAT FORECAST WILL PLEDGE

Middlesbrough made a number of successful games in this campaign and much, much above the relegation zone. The team goes completely according attitudes and perhaps will be greeted with early survival, which only can enjoy its many supporters. Sheffield Wednesday is one of the immutable fighters promotion in recent years and always remained disappointed. FA Cup opens chance to shine in front of guests who dream to meet elite team and will do so. The tale of them, however, is still in its infancy.

Tottenham – Aston Villa FORECAST X Half

Tottenham’s team of the moment in the Premier League as number of points earned is no other which is 100% in the previous 5 rounds. The triumph of the Spurs against Chelsea is undoubtedly their most memorable achievement for the campaign and can be fired in another dimension. Completing the Top 4 remains mandatory for the home side, but their performances in the FA Cup are certainly in the background. Aston Villa was blurred by Tottenham last campaign, and now that it is in the second division, will find the strength to counteract this very strong opponent at least half a game.

Cambridge – Leeds FORECAST X

One of the two flawless series last month might be terminated. There is also an option where it does not happen – if the dispute ends in a draw. This will prolong the series in 5 games without defeat for both teams as a replay will be far worse for each of them. Leeds is aimed at the promotion and failure against Cambridge can introduce some confusion and disrupt already built rhythm in the team. Due to an effort to avoid violation of said series prediction here is a draw, which can take Cambridge and Leeds to replay.

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