England FA Cup finals 1/32 (2), 7 january.2017

Ipswich – Lincoln City with 1 FORECAST

Ipswich makes a tragic campaign, and fans of “Portman” can not see the face of his team from the previous campaign, when little was not enough to win promotion. 200 days later Ipswich does not look like yourself already in question puts finishing in the top half of the standings. Lincoln is among the strongest teams in the conference and why there is hope to throw one of the biggest sensations. Your opponent is inconsistent and often wrong, and all this opens the chance for Lincoln. Finally Ipswich will recover and will take a win for confidence.

Millwall – Bournemouth with 1X FORECAST

The team of Millwall made a false start and still continues to be in the battle for promotion towards the Championship. The qualities of the home are not a few, and if they continue in the same spirit and won 3 of 4 games in the league, promotion and it will come with ease. Bournemouth was not broken by Arsenal in a crazy meeting a few days ago. In her boys Howe goals were 3 goals up by a goal and still not arrested three points. Consolation prize for them being the one point that it was not too small feat. This time Bournemouth will not impress it against the team located two levels below.

Norwich – Southampton with 1 FLAT FORECAST WILL PLEDGE

The match matches for “canaries” who fell foul of the critics. New year, new luck for the hosts – this time it was in full force after Norwich brought some precious three points in the household Darby. The win leaves some, albeit minimal chances of the team to fight for promotion. Looming battle with Southampton will bring increased Grade, but will prove as a very serious doping if the performance is good and the result too. Southampton will not be interested and will clearly become clear.

QPR – Blackburn with FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

Two teams with Old Glory behind and tragically present – that are QPR and Blackburn turned into unchangeable creatures at the bottom of the Championship. Increasingly becomes a possibility one of them to fall after the end of this campaign. FA Cup is not among their main goals in this campaign, but they can not refuse participation in it, provided that such they are entitled. They will leave the country any defensive action and create the breathtaking game with lots of goals.

Rotherham – Oxford FORECAST 2

Boxing pear Championship – Rotherham will finally come to winning ways, although not get three points for it. The team won a rare and whenever it makes the last few months, it makes its stadium. His two victims DAC and Wigan as no surprise that both teams are at the bottom of the league. Oxford United is one level down and still excels in this campaign. Only one loss team in the previous 10 rounds gave him the confidence to visit Rotherham. Fall of hosts will be continued and Oxford will guarantee the place of 1/16 finals.

Stoke City – Wolverhampton with 1 FORECAST

The potters made several series from unusual for them. For several years they maintained a relatively good level, which strengthen them in mid-table, but in the last few weeks best positions are shaken. However, they have no internal troubles and deploy best opposite Wolverhampton. With this shaft so weak defensive team of “Wolves” will be outplayed and it easily by a strong team of Stoke City.


Sunderland – Burnley with 1 FLAT FORECAST WILL PLEDGE

Not much has come from the last debate of these two teams, who finished with a real wreck of “black cats”. Defeat them with 4: 1 Burnley dealt a stunning blow to them and their ambitions for survival. A week later, Sunderland can make amends in front of their fans for exceptional disgrace that was swallow in the said visit of Burnley. Never before the team of Burnley was not loaded the 4 goals in the opponent’s goal in the Premiership, which happened opposite Sunderland. This time, the hosts will be transformed and will be imposed.

Sutton – Wimbledon with 1 FORECAST

Another amateur team having the privilege to take part in the FA Cup. It accepts Wimbledon, who goes in first division and a week ago stumbled strong team of Millwall. Guests met frantic difficulties in reaching the this stage after defeating Kyurzon 3: 4 in early December. Sutton took the scalp of Cheltenham – team from the second division and in the upcoming debate will try and strike an opponent from a higher level. Sutton has accumulated many households last month by winning each of them. Rise will be extended against Wimbledon.

Watford – Burton FORECAST 2X

The team of Watford is about to create huge headaches alone after winning just two of their last 10 clash in the Premier League. With this as a small dot asset boys Madzari rush more seriously the relegation zone. For all their qualities and skills serious it is not a place that they deserve, and soon time will begin again to win. Household Burton is a chance for this but guests are highly motivated to stop turn fall and to do so against a team from the Premier League. Watford will stand askew and will record 6th straight game without a win.

West Brom – Derby with 2X FORECAST

West Brom makes a very strong campaign and can redirect strong results to the mythical FA Cup. Favoring dismay is understandable after the giant progress that they make in this campaign. Darby, however, remains a very crafty opponent who is able to make loud surprises. During his last visit “rams” they were totally outplayed by Norwich and lost 3: 0 and the second consecutive such a presentation is very unlikely. This time Derby will show a much better football and be rewarded for it.

Wigan – Nottingham with 1 FLAT FORECAST WILL PLEDGE

One of the meetings that oppose two teams from the Championship and despite the views of her and perceived quality are not at all good. Both teams are in a tragic situation and the situation for Wigan starting to look worse. Lack of victories leave the team at the bottom and relegation is becoming closer. Nottingham is not so unfavorable situation and still no victory from early December onwards. Wigan tastes exactly at this tournament and at this point will stop the trouble with a good result.

Wycombe – Sturbridzh with 2X FORECAST

Although both teams not to have been in the spotlight in English football, they will have something to show in that direct confrontation. Each of them knows the taste of defeat from scary long time – making expectations to match much larger. Wycombe is the strongest team in the second division and will almost certainly headed to first with the completion of the campaign. Sturbridzh is on the verge of professional football after 10 consecutive games without defeat. Tale of amateurs will continue to dethroning Wycombe.

Preston – Arsenal FORECAST OVER 1.5 goals Half

Arsenal slept through the first half of their visit to Bournemouth and lost two points on the way to the top. This will lead to the point that Arsenal maximum to try to prejudge the outcome of his visit to Preston in the first part. Wenger will vote confidence of many of their reserve players it will give scope for the expression of a number of youngsters – something he does in many cases. Preston in no event be out on the field to take those 90 minutes, leaving Arsenal to become the easy winner. The show in this battle is assured as yet to break, will be present.

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