England FA Cup 1/8 finals, 18-20 february.2017

Burnley – Lincoln FORECAST 2X

Burnley makes a furor at home games, with only a week ago and stumbled driver in the table – Chelsea. However, boys Sean Daishi will approach with disdain for amateur Lincoln. Several times during just the match between Burnley and Chelsea last weekend directors of the live broadcast focused on the presence of coach Lincoln Stadium. Surely he has taken the necessary measures to reach the proper performance by his team. Lincoln has nothing to lose and will again be second to none, and has everything you need to throw another “bomb” of the tournament.

Huddersfield – Manchester City FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

Huddersfield is more spectacular to watch. All shown by the team, is based on the constant traffic towards the opponent’s goal. Not one or two cases where Huddersfield just looking at it to export up front without any thought then how will be back in its half. Manchester City has required contractors that will provide comfort in such a situation and bring decision-desired result from the second division opponent. Yet here, “citizens” will not be able to keep the door without conceding a goal.

Middlesbrough – Oxford United at FORECAST under 2.5 goals

Middlesbrough fell into goal weakness and more difficult is the way to the door of an opposing any. There is no iota of doubt about that at Oxford home team will be in mnobo more favorable situation because this is a team of significantly lower caliber and will undoubtedly feel pressured to “Riverside”. A lot has come from recent significant achievements “Boro” and hosted by Oxford could open the door to entry into the final rounds of the FA Cup. The away team knows that he can not enter into outplaying your opponent, because it will be defeated, and precisely because it will take the game in their half, initiating presence of small goals.

Millwall – Leicester 1X FORECAST

Millwall feels that Lester is not that flawless team last campaign, and much easier than expected to reach a famous victory against the champions of England. Perhaps in the next century “lions” will not have such a legitimate chance to hope to triumph against the champion in the league, so you definitely will see enthusiasm in their actions. Lester can not afford to give victims of such visits because only a few days will become the most important game of the first campaign in the Champions League 1/8 final. Again and again “foxes” will be full figureheads and will be removed from this tournament.


Wolverhampton – Chelsea 1X FORECAST

Chelsea is another great English team who increasingly insistent pace to the final battles in the FA Cup. “Blue” occupied the top in the league, but the wrong step in their visit to Burnley last weekend “eat” part of their advance and already might steal any doubt about the destiny of the title. Chelsea has a huge chance to deal with the tragic team of Wolverhampton, who also could not find a match, it becomes the most memorable in this desperate campaign. Finally, second-division team will have one and it will be against the first in English football – star team of Chelsea.

Fulham – Tottenham with FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

Very emotional clash of two teams whose London derby was disrupted for a while after dropping Fulham elite. However, the hosts will take this fight just like he is championship and are part of the elite. The charge will be unique, and their hopes of recording a good result, especially for the removal of stellar opponent – even greater than ever. Tottenham crack in his visit to Genk on Thursday and fell behind after the first clash of 1/16 finals in LE. In second consecutive visit Pochettino’s boys will be so convincing and will encash goal in his.

Blackburn – Manchester United at FORECAST X Half

Another similar meeting of this phase of the FA Cup, opposing teams from a number of Premier League and Championship in most of them host a second division team. Blackburn had its memorable moments against the “Reds”, but for several years can not get to the privilege to compete with them on the green carpet. Finally, the possibility exists, and euphoria among fans of the team will be indescribable. This is the match of the campaign for them, although they are at the bottom of the Championship. Blackburn will play a long time as equals, while Manchester United will again be so active in the first 45 minutes.

Sutton – Arsenal 2 FORECAST

Arsenal were made to pieces in his visit of Bayern Munich and again remains hopeful in only one tournament – the favorite of recent years, the very one in which the team visited Sutton. “Gunners” have become skilled craftsmen in the FA Cup, and added a number of trophies from this race to the window. Again, they are numbered among the teams with the best chances to triumph in this tournament and rightly so. Arsenal is one of two teams in this phase, which will have to rivals amateur opponents. New misstep against team located outside the professional league, it would be absurd, so Arsenal can not afford it.

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