England FA Cup 1/4 finals, 11-13 march.2017

Middlesbrough – Manchester City with 2 FORECAST

Manchester City suffered a total failure at the beginning of the week when they took three points from their household goods and remained at third place in the table. Three points would send Pep Guardiola and his boys to Tottenham in the ranking as would maintain distance of 8 points against Chelsea. Which this development actually signal the title, which sends Manchester City into other directions to chase the trophy in the scope of the campaign. Guardiola’s team is still in the game in both the FA Cup and Champions League. Middlesbrough is insanely weak series, which will stumble team and hosted by Manchester City. While it was impersonal in their household goods “sky-blue” will be transformed and will deal with Middlesbrough.

Arsenal – Lincoln FORECAST 1 (-2.5)

Arsenal experienced so much adversity in a very short period of time. Everyone started to blame Wenger for failures of the team, but with what right. Right he is the man who built this team Arsenal in its present form – can win the title a decade ago to bring so many achievements of the team, especially at this tournament – FA Cup. It is a favorite of both Wenger and his team and is quite understandable for the last time to see transformed Arsenal into it. Moreover, the opponent is most desirable at this stage and has amateur status. The story of Lincoln will end somewhere here after wreck of “Emirates”.

Tottenham – Millwall with 1/1 FORECAST

Rarely Tottenham have households of urban rivals fought outside the Premiership. One such set as the charge around it is not very large. In the last round of the same tournament boys Pochettino there was to another city rival in the face of Fulham, as it beat on each indicator football game and not left an iota of a chance to qualify. Millwall edged up this phase by dropping consistently several elite opponent. Like amateur Lincoln City from above forecast and a team of Millwall finally dream march in the race will be terminated as Tottenham will solve everything within the first 45 minutes.

Chelsea – Manchester United at FORECAST OVER 0.5 goals PP

Dessert 1/4 finals of the FA Cup is left on Monday night. There is option to get to the domination of capital teams in the semifinals in the tournament. “Blue” did a lot to win the title. The established them an advance of 10 points over second and third in the ranking gives them comfort throughout the world. All the best will be put into play by Conte and given that Chelsea works very actively and in more cases dares to call more insistently to protinikovata door, the possibility of falling goal in the first half is very high. Manchester United certainly will not be an extra in this visit and nothing he could just be a team that can score goals in the first half and handed sensation.

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