England FA Cup 1/32 finals (1), 7 january.2017

Manchester United – Reading with FORECAST OVER 1.5 goals Half

“Red Devils” have fun in the last month and reported with brilliant results. Progress them in the standings of the Premier League is visible and can never be challenged. There were several controversial referee judgments which gave a platform for perpetrators of United, but victories are victories. The team began to play more offensive and it appeals to his supporters that state for edgy win against second division club Reading. Many times guests are miracles of bravery in this tournament, throwing top sensationalism. Both teams did not slow the show and during the first part will make us witnesses of at least two goals.

Accrington – Luton with an estimated over 2.5 goals

This is one of the few clashes at this stage of the FA Cup – two opposing team from the second league of the country. This means only one thing – that both teams know each other well and will be able to compete in a slightly different situation for them. Respectively, they are on top of their abilities and will be able to go beyond their usual low level in this campaign to impress with something more substantial in the FA Cup. The series of four consecutive dispute with the ‘under 2.5 goals’ will finally ended, and the odds of this are very good.

Barrow – Rochdale with 1X FORECAST

Rochdale is brilliant for some time after smearing opponents in the first division. The promotion to the Championship seemed just a matter of time, until it go, the team will just have to maintain this level of play. Barrow’s team from the conference, which rarely has a chance to manifest itself against elite opponents and show that it really has its qualities. Limit ambitious exactly what the hosts are impressive and will handle Rochdale who is concentrating on making promotion.

Birmingham – Newcastle 2 FORECAST FLAT NO BET

It’s top battle of the FA Cup in terms of teams from the Championship. Birmingham had its moments, but unfortunately squandered them and although he found himself near the area of ​​the playoffs already sensitive distance from it. Within a month ambitions to return to the elite of the home quickly extinguished, but those of their next opponent – Newcastle can not be broken so easily. While in lightweight crisis period “Magpies” remain the biggest contender for the title and the FA Cup is another wonderful alternative for them to be accepted willingly.

Blackpool – Barnsley with FORECAST under 2.5 goals

He ended already in the second division team of Blackpool who imported very seriously variety of colors a few years ago when he was in the Premier League no longer is almost no factor. Fall of the team is very significant, but the goal his weakness is visible from kilometers away. Only one scored goal for the hosts in the previous 360 minutes, yet they have the next opponent team, which is a full two levels up, their task to end the unpleasant series becomes even more difficult. Barnsley will shine with qualities in an offensive plan, yet will bring the meeting to a desired outcome.

Bolton – Crystal Palace with 1 FLAT FORECAST WILL PLEDGE

Covered by all sorts of problems, the team of Bolton find some way still to stop their free fall and settle at the top of the first division. Mission’s return to the upper levels of English football is not at all impossible, but if you already created momentum be maintained, half of the road will be traveled. Crystal Palace is the weakest team in the last 365 days in all levels of English football, judging by the results. Even with a new coach, guests will fall short against Bolton.

Brentford – Iystleyg with 2X FORECAST Half

One sensational forecast that leads to a good result for the amateur team score. The rates for this piece is evaluated very well and the enthusiasm of the team from the conference will allow him to cope with the seemingly impossible goal. Until recently, very strong host team of Brentford somehow began increasingly to step sideways and took one of his last 5 fights on its soil in the league. The flimsiness of the team will be transferred and FA Cup and displayed it in the first 45 minutes will be impressive.

Brighton – MK Dons with FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

This is one of the best meetings that oppose teams from the Championship and First Division. Brighton continued to walk confidently to the historic promotion to the Premier League already accumulated lead against the biggest favorite – Newcastle. MK Dons were in the Championship a year ago, but after a series of disappointments could not avoid the unpleasant fate to find himself among relegation. In both his dispute with the Brighton team lost – in both cases with 2: 1. Looming meeting will be similar and will offer a similar outcome.

Bristol City – Flituud with 2 FLAT FORECAST WILL PLEDGE

One of elections for top-sensation of the day was the dispute between Bristol City and Flituud. The tragic series of hosts stirs exactly to this – recourse to a surprising outcome in this meeting. Bristol City is a complete wreck and this statement from podplashta suffered 9 defeats in the last 10 league dispute of the Championship. With such a performance the hosts can not survive as they pass in the first division is a matter of time. Flituud is right there and already in 10 consecutive rounds will defeat. Rise of defense will be extended after the famous victory against Bristol.

Everton – Leicester FORECAST 1/1

A dispute between two teams of the highest caliber in the race. Surely there will be a number of changes in both composition. Basically Ranieri likes to make rotations, but at upcoming debate would be opened and not one or two. Attitudes are changing in most of the starting lineup of guests, which means that half of their reserve players will gain confidence Ranieri. They certainly have serious qualities, but the lack of working relationship will play a nasty joke, but Everton will defeat them.

Huddersfield – Port Vale with 1 FORECAST

Reasonable choice for home triumph – team from the top of the Championship against one from the first division. Port Vale faces many serious difficulties especially for visits and often collapses into them, what does remain of such a case against a team from a much higher level. The latest dispute between Hadarfsiyld and Port Vale from 2011 and when Huddersfield won with 2: 4. Shortly before that did the same with the score 0: 1. 8th straight game without a loss to the home team will come as a pleasure for them is double because not only will not lose and will decide everything with Port Vale still here.

Hull – Swansea with FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

A few hours Hull made a coaching change after replacing Filan. It will not give any result, most result in one or two consecutive victories in the first matches because all the trouble about the team not associated with the post of coach and with the performances of the players. Swansea is a team that approaches almost 100% to everything said about Hull. “Swans” do not know what happens in this campaign, and more possible seems to suffer relegation. In this tournament battle both teams have no aspirations and will afford to indulge in the totally liberating.

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