England FA Cup 1/16 finals, 27-29 january.2017


Derby continues to be beneath criticism and is now abundantly clear that it will not return campaign team in the elite of England. “Aries” not much cause for joy, and the Cup of the association can become the main one for them. This is the last place where you can achieve something within this campaign, such as the adoption of the champion of the country is one of the best occasions to induce strong household performance. Moreover, Leicester is a very pale copy of flawless team that was a year ago. “Foxes” are tragic and will be totally outplayed by an ambitious team of Derby in the middle of “Pride Park”.

Liverpool – Wolverhampton with OUTLOOK 1 (-1.5)

Liverpool entered the biggest hole of the campaign and almost a month does not know how to get out of it. It happens in a moment in which “red” are infinitely inconclusive round after round fall in Premiership continues. Dropping from EFL Cup a few days ago came a little more in the team. All this suggests that the mistakes of the team began to take over, but it’s time now fall to be interrupted. Wolverhampton is one of the weakest teams in the Championship, and will find a way to counteract marginal ambitious team of Jürgen Klopp. Finally Klopp’s men will return to its normal condition and will defeat the opponent.

Blackburn – Blackpool FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

Collapse Blackburn extended round after round and it is unclear whether the team will find a way out of this situation, to be greeted with survival in the league. Relegation would be a real shock to an otherwise great team of Rovers, who for the third consecutive campaign is in pathetic condition and simply can not demonstrate improvement in his game. Blackpool failed so down in English football after being hit by unpleasant financial difficulties. However, at present the team of “mandarins” is in progress and can be surprised opponent. Both teams will have one single purpose – to play liberated and scoring goals and that’s what will happen.

Burnley – Bristol City with FORECAST under 2.5 goals

Burnley is in seventh heaven after recording good after a good result. The team approached ridiculous to achieve salvation, which is his biggest goal for the year. “Turf Mor” has become a unique fortress that can not be conquered by teams from the Premier League, but what does remain for those from lower levels. Bristol City is one level below in English football and in general will not be as big an outsider as many envisage. The upcoming match will be an atypical race for the two teams, albeit from different divisions will be almost equivalent.

Chelsea – Brentford with FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

“Blue” go to the title with every round. The cumulative lead to any of their competitors in the league is already unique, but only after a few days it can be increased even more. Set to visit Liverpool, which will be of gigantic importance for both teams, and this in turn will dictate more frugal approach Chelsea to host the Brentford. Many of the top players of the home will be saved for the big derby on Tuesday and this will open the possibility of Brentford reach the historical realization of the goal of “Stamford Bridge”.


Lincoln – Brighton with an estimated over 2.5 goals

Lincoln shocked Ipswich in the last round of the tournament after first brought the dispute to the replay, and then deal with opponents of the Championship. Where joy, where unfortunately, the next opponent will be in the same division as he will, however, is much better quality than the last. Brighton is a very serious upsurge that led the team to temporarily occupying the first place in the league, and the dispute with Newcastle to the top will last much longer. “Seagulls” will afford to appear more open minded in his visit to Lincoln and will dictate what happens in the fight. This time they will rely on high performance, chasing expressive triumph.

Middlesbrough – Accrington with FORECAST X Half

Middlesbrough goes in one direction over the last month – down in the standings, all a bit too much of a team Karanka. His boys are not at all bad as many of them have serious qualities and played football at a high level. However occurred fall still can not be controlled, and the relegation zone finds himself closer with the passing of the circles. The burden of unpleasant results will overthrow Middlesbrough during the first part of the household of Accrington and although it is much lower in English football visiting team will show a good game.

Oxford – Newcastle FORECAST 2

Newcastle no one knows what trouble occupying the top of the Championship and can now fully concentrate on the side tournaments. Dropping from EFL Cup proved uncomfortable for other ambitious “magpies”, which may progress to other local tournament. Oxford is not at all insurmountable among rivals and all this is easily explained with the higher qualities of the visiting team. It is in an excellent position to hope for a good performance against Oxford and to end the story of this niskorazryaden team.

Rochdale – Huddersfield with FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

One emerging as the most interesting battles in the next round of the FA Cup opposes Rochdale and Huddersfield. No one knows how many similarities between the two teams, but the differences are based on the fact that both teams inhabit different echelons of English football. The strong form of the domestic team talks so they might as well find a way to deal with other quality team of Huddersfield. Guests repeatedly expressed their willingness to continue their progress not only in the Championship, and in the FA Cup. Against Rochdale will find a way to realization of goals, but also will encash them.

Tottenham – Wycombe with an estimated over 2.5 goals

The rise of the “Spurs” is phenomenal not know whether it will end at the limit of the year. A strong series of hosts will be continued with the removal of the new portion of the top level football. Wycombe can not serve as any measure of undeniable qualities of command Pochettino that although it is highly limited composition in terms of incumbent players in the next battle will again shine. Like household Aston Villa last weekend and Tottenham will here is second to none and will defeat Wycombe.

Southampton – Arsenal 1X FORECAST

Southampton is riding high after taking the scalp of Liverpool and securing the participation of “Wembley” after about a month. The team may not be among the strongest in the league and still be able to counteract the best. Trouble for him are fully bound by the outcome of meetings with direct opponents. Arsenal can not afford to trust all your best players. Surely Wenger composition of the visit of Southampton will not have much to do with the usual titular and this will lead to failure against the “saints”.

Crystal Palace – Manchester City with 2 FORECAST

Boys Sam Allard written off this tournament before it starts. However, whether intentionally or just by chance they managed to cope with his opponent in the last round to reach 1/16 finals. “Citizens’ finally discarding her tragic game, yet failed to greet the three points in the big derby last round of the English elite. Losing three points against Tottenham causing huge blow to all the aspirations of Manchester City for the title, and that shifting the focus of the team to the Cup of FA and Champions League. This time the boys Guardiola will infallible and defeat your opponent.


Millwall – Watford with 1 FLAT FORECAST WILL PLEDGE

The team of Millwall, fought in the first division of England goes for another heroism this time opposite his opponent will be of the highest caliber. Watford’s Premiership and still can not boast of perseverance in the last rounds. All defeats Watford speak about the violation of the rhythm of the team. FA Cup gives a chance to get out of the crisis situation, which however will not be used by guests. Although the role of the outsider team of Millwall will surpass their abilities and will win.

Fulham – Hull City with 1 FORECAST

Fulham played very trendy and mostly attractive football, all appeals to supporters of the London team. In the next case, he takes the game a few weeks ago in the other semi-final FA Cup – EFL Cup. “Tigers” completed much of their physical stock and does not look like a team that adopted Manchester United in the aforementioned meeting. Fulham ready for this great feat – the removal of the team from a higher level and will.

Sutton – Leeds 2 FORECAST

Sutton threw one of the top sensationalism in the tournament having slipped to 1/16 finals. This team showed good football and can regrets not deal with AFC Wimbledon in the first collision. However amateur team continues its story and hopes it can be extended after the hosting of Leeds. The next opponent is spectacular achievements at this tournament and after the visit of Sutton will be close to achieving a new one. Removal amateur team surely will not please who knows how many visitors, but underpins the achievement of something more substantial in the next round.

Manchester United – Wigan with FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

A month ago, Manchester United was on top of his game and not just winning, but it did without any difficulty. “Red Devils” have hopes of winning the Cup in this campaign and FA Cup is one of the best alternatives. Wigan threw not one or two top sensationalism exactly in the same tournament and has any ambitions to deal with Manchester United. Achieving triumph middle of “Old Trafford” is something very difficult that very few teams can achieve. Wigan will be presented at a decent level and find a way to realization of the goal that could be perceived as a surprise.

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