England EFL Cup, 25-26 october.2016

Arsenal – Reading with 1 & FORECAST over 2.5 goals

Finally find a team in the English elite to stop the march of Arsenal. Contrary to all preconceptions in this role came opashkaryat Middlesbrough thanks to his brilliant defensive game. Boro block all done to the door and hamper Arsenal to the limit. Reading is not a team that is well positioned in the defensive plan and will have the ability to oppose the Gunners. A higher ratio in this case is better to seek a combination of 1 and over 2.5 goals

Liverpool – Tottenham with 1 FORECAST

Liverpool started to gain momentum, and in such moments of all teams Klopp are a serious threat to any opponent. Tottenham is the only undefeated team in the Premiership and will remain so at least until the end of this week. Spurs had several loud disappointments in the Champions League, but overall the campaign is doing well for them. They have already played a championship dispute with Liverpool and izkopchiha point of the red after trailing on the score. This time the Spurs have no such luck and will be defeated by boys Klopp.

Bristol City – Hull with FORECAST under 2.5 goals

The typical home team – Bristol City will try to take the scalp of an elite opponent. Hull is about to fall into oblivion after several consecutive weeks and not the slightest resemblance to its impeccable football from the first rounds. Quick success began to recede and downs to increase. Just this tournament does not represent much of a concern for tigers and yet they will be hoping to break the tragic series. This battle will prevail and this will affect the performance.

Leeds – Norwich with FORECAST X / 2

Both teams know each other well because he fought in the same division – Championship. Leeds has a lot to improve in my game since until this moment and can not play successive summits. Norwich does just that and recorded victory after victory, to be established in the top places in the Championship. Increasingly likely become canaries to make the decisive step in this campaign and return to the elite. This tournament is another good alternative for them and they will use the best chance, but in this case a pause will not succeed in their attempts.

Newcastle – Preston with 2/1 FORECAST

The boys of Rafa Benitez is close to a dream return to the Premiership with the passing of each subsequent round. Their brilliant game does not stop there as it undoubtedly brings great joy to the fans of this so glorious English team. Preston is very hard predictable and despite being written off before the start of this clash, there will be chances to offer the biggest surprise of the circle. Newcastle will act quickly to break and this will give a chance to Preston to take advance. In the second part, everything will turn in favor of the hosts.

West Ham – Chelsea FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

Hammers are still light years away from his usual position in the last campaign. Their excellent game remained in the past and will need some time to get closer to her. Chelsea were very against Leicester last weekend of the race and still showed very serious qualities to make twist and remain in the tournament. The Blues are under steam after the triumph over Manchester United a few days ago and will continue to operate liberated, and this will lead to a new drama with their participation.

Southampton – Sunderland FORECAST 2X Half

Saints will feel increasingly tired with the passing of subsequent rounds. Loading cycle can play their serious joke about a month when the Premiership program will be much more rapid beating. Long’s injury leaves them with a distinguished striker and putting it in this case is simply a must. Sunderland can not stop the fall and although it is left to a second term in upcoming clash will rise from difficult situations and will impress, leaving behind all their failures.

Manchester United – Manchester City with FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

The two big Mancunian team has already played first encounter each other with their new head coach. It was won by Pep as the value of his success was doubled because it achieved exactly the stadium opponent. Then the city was on the rise and float in the clouds while at this moment there is no victory already in 5 consecutive occasions. United was slapped by Chelsea and is hoping to break the crisis with good football and win against City. And number two clash in this campaign together two Manchester teams will excel with offensive football and many goals.

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