Cup of Germany, 25-26 october.2016

Lotte – Bayer Leverkusen with 2 FORECAST

Time is a total failure for Bayer Leverkusen to be interrupted, and that chance simply can not be missed. Only a few days ago the team from Bundesliga underwent a total wreck as even more painful was that it came to their own land. The defeat of Hoffenheim dealt a crushing slap on the team that will sober and will allow him to reveal the best of themselves against a more convenient opponent. Lotte will remain a good memory of the big clash with Leverkusen, but there.

Dynamo Dresden – Arminia Bielefeld with X FORECAST

In addition to the Second Bundesliga dispute between Dynamo Dresden and Arminia Bielefeld will be transferred in the Cup. Somehow the home side managed to win many points and become part of the middle of the table. But against them stood a struggling starting increasingly mired in the mud of the championship and can so early in the campaign to become doomed. In this dispute will not have surprised and everything will be decided in extra time.

Freiburg – Zandhauzen with 2X FORECAST

Zebras do not tolerate any errors in your household last month. Some brilliant play their own land became their biggest weapon, served to reinforce the good position in the league. Undoubtedly this will open the door team with hopes for a good performance at the Cup of Germany. This time the stronghold of Freiburg will fall and in January took second division team will be named Zandhauzen. Guests have built a decent series without knowing the taste of defeat, and it will be extended after the visit of Freiburg.

Wurzburg – Munich 1860 with 1X FORECAST

Typical battle with the touch of second division football in Germany. Gaining greater speed Wurzburg aim to avoid relegation and possible to hold sensitive distance from the bottom. That’s what happens and with the team, which enjoys a huge comfort in their actions. Myuhnen 1860 is more hesitant and not at all be surprising if at the end of the season have to move with another division down. Guests will find a way to capture stadium opponent.

Halesher – Hamburger with FORECAST X / 1

Strapped team Hamburger SV out of the stadium for the visit of the opponent from the third division. Halesher not much like qualities, but that does not mean that the team has no chance to offer great sensation of this circle. Hamburgers will be without several of its founding players and this will give a very bad impact on their performance. Almost in their minds lies the thought of seamless success against third division team that did not correspond with the truth. Halesher will throw one of the top sensationalism in this phase of the tournament.

St. Pauli – Hertha with 2 FORECAST

At least for a short St. Pauli will be able to verify his watch, measured forces against very quality opponent. Hertha played brilliant football and in a year you won new fans with every match. Reporting that the team does not play in European tournaments this year will force him to be more aggressive in the Cup. St. Pauli not the least hinder progressive team of Hertha. The away team will deliver impressive new production of his quarters and will reach the next round.

Borussia M’gladbach – Stuttgart FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

The weak defensive line of Borussia M’gladbach brings unending disquieting moments of otherwise valuable team. It is unknown to what extent it would focus on the upcoming dispute because unless it will have to play in the Bundesliga, and a few days later in the Champions League. Stuttgart no such concerns, although if I had, it certainly would welcome them with joy. Until recently, the first division team will reveal qualities and will demonstrate on the pitch that never lost his sense of the big battles.

Eintracht Frankfurt – Ingolstadt with 2 FLAT FORECAST WILL PLEDGE

Frankfurt is increasingly gaining momentum and improve your game. Place in the gold environments Bundesliga team leaves the door open to the Cup of Germany. Incidentally upcoming dispute is one of the few in this phase that oppose two teams of the highest level of football in the country. Ingolstadt was a few moments by recording a memorable victory that still held off. This team is in dire need of making a similar victory to return to the right path.

Walldorf – Darmstadt with FORECAST X / 2

Total euphoria about domestic team resulting from the adoption of the first division team will help them blameless in the opening minutes. Just this period it will be no small as it might continue until the end of the first part. Meanwhile Darmstadt will not be so aggressive before the break and take everything in your hands in the second half. The strange situation in which falling guests, namely to compete against amateur team will come a little too much, but after the pause will find the right solutions.

Hanover – Fortuna with FORECAST under 2.5 goals

Blast of Hanover in the early rounds is beginning to put aside more with the passing of the last of the circles. Errors began to abound, and the exit towards victory becomes more difficult detectable at second division team. In the next battle opposite, he will be a one of their own, which could well be a source of another large portion of headaches for the hosts. This will be one of the most boring games at this stage of the race.

Heidenheim – Wolfsburg with 2 FORECAST

The greatest tragedy of German football since the beginning of this campaign says precisely Wolfsburg. Are not a few fans of football in the country who still have hopes to soon begin to see the well-known Wolfsburg in the recent past. The goal drought pressur team more seriously and does not stop him from his endeavor to find a way out of the crisis. Clash in Heidenheim comes at the right time and will be fundamental for the upcoming rise to the wolves.

Groyter Fürth – Mainz with 1 FORECAST

The difference between these two teams is currently about 20 seats in German football. Groyter Fürth is in the middle of the lineup in the second division, while Mainz is 9th in First. Moreover busiest cycle of clashes over the past two weeks will bring a serious disturbance in the game the guests will fail in tournament clash. They had earned enough to fatigue them will stumble against thinking only about victory in one of the biggest matches in the last year team Groyter Fürth.

Nuremberg – Schalke 04 FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

Touch review carried out for the big football will give at least a brief hopes of Nuremberg imagine that hang at the highest level. The team can not come to his senses and let your failures back into the past as they still weigh heavily upon him. Schalke began exploding to improve your game and it brings a lot of hope for fans of the team from Gelsenkirchen. It is becoming a very serious tournament fighter as in this case will confirm this. Weaknesses in defense but will reappear.

Cologne – Hoffenheim with an estimated over 2.5 goals

Long brilliant series of goats found its end in the visit of Hertha Berlin a few days ago. Very difficult to look for a pattern in it that cause permanent razstoyvane the game the home side who began to elaborate behavior on the pitch to perfection. Hoffenheim took the scalp of Bayer Leverkusen and visit it in so it can be said that already held a good test for the looming battle with Cologne. Both teams will not lose time and will provide a platform for the biggest weapons from the first whistle.

Bayern Munich – Augsburg with FORECAST GOAL / GOAL

Bayern know very well that they can win games, like next, with about 50% of detection capabilities. Augsburg was frantic weaknesses in the first matches of the campaign and yet this does not prevent him from start to emerge from the crisis. More than once, this team has shown he is not afraid of the big opponents at home and often resorted to the point that trying to clean football means settled accounts with them. Bayern will be surprised once and you have to pull the ball out of his net.

Borussia Dortmund – UNION Berlin FORECAST X / 1

Disappointment after disappointment for boys Tuhel who are like the calm before the storm. The trouble they relate entirely in that lull becomes increasingly long and unpleasant echo of another error in the championship will affect even more of an otherwise young selection of German. UNION Berlin will fall in deaf defense right from the start and still finds time to preserving the draw to pause. After that, however, Borussia will demonstrate dominance and crush your opponent.

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