Champions League 7-8 march.2017

Arsenal – Bayern Munich FORECAST OVER 1.5 PP

German Grand popilya for the umpteenth time the well-known team of Arsenal. The nightmare of English is a prominent and deepened over the weekend when it collapsed from Liverpool. I also received 5: 1 in the first clash of practice already discarded the team from the race. Not visible force in the world to return “Arsenal” in the game of such delays. The might of Bayern Munich is visible, as on Saturday afternoon was revealed once again and Cologne felt it. However, English will demonstrate a desire to stay in the game and cause a rain of goals in the first part, as factors such thing are enormous.

Napoli – Real Madrid 1 FLAT FORECAST

The first clash started as copper and oil to Italians who quickly seized a crazy mistake by keeper opponent – Navas. Came forward, he fell into the mat, but the decisive blow was dealt by INSI. Top shooter Napoli opened the show, but as to his regret, and to all supporters of the team, this was the last episode of positive impact. Real turned to 3: 1 and took serious advantage. However striking offensive Italians not yet said its last word and can make top-sensation in the second leg. The triumph against Roma sent Napoli in the clouds, but victory against Real will leave the team there.

Barcelona – PSG with OUTLOOK 1 (-1.5)

Barca was shocked French territory after the final whistle was crossed for 1/4 finals. This is the least bother the team that smashed Celta weekend and as they say attitudes panel hosted by PSG. This results in the French household simply can not not like the Spaniards. This is exactly everything they need to move on – defeated triumph by a margin of at least 4 goals. Parisians will be in no man’s land in the middle of the mythical “Camp Nou”. Alien atmosphere will stun and Barca will reach triumph by at least 2 goals difference. For more, however, difficult.

Dortmund – Benfica with 1 FORECAST

The Germans did not even looked like his usual football. Everything still began to go away and the good results to come back. On Saturday they blurred their eternal rival Bayer Leverkusen and this will become the main key to continue the next phase. Benfica will take the game completely in its half, as we saw on Saturday afternoon during a dispute with Bayer Leverkusen, the possibility of countermeasures in such a way is bordering on zero. The Portuguese will not withstand the phenomenal atmosphere “Signal Iduna” and the Germans will rejoice, seeing its at the best light.

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